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How To Know What Diet To Follow: Part 2

In part one of this article we already determined that for a diet to be ideal it must first be a raw food diet. But as you'll see, all raw foods are not created equal. The old adage, "If it's raw it's healthy" is really quite far from the truth.

There's no question that a 100% raw food diet is a primary requirement for any diet. This immediately eliminates 99% of the diets out there. But what about all the different raw food diets out there?

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List of Raw Food Diet Types

  • Sunfood Triangle
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Sproutarian
  • Natural Hygiene
  • Fermented
  • The Optimal Raw Food Diet

Just saying your going raw is not enough. As you can see there are several variations of the raw food diet that people practice. If you believe in the Metabolic Typing Theory, you might even believe that all or most of these diets can be good depending on the person's body type.

However, in a previous issue I completely dispelled and destroyed all of the Metabolic Typing Diets. You can read it here for more information.

It's not that I don't believe people need to individualize their diet; it's simply the reasons behind the needs for individualization.

Not all people can safely follow the same diet. However, it's not because of different metabolic types or evolution, it's simply because the person is so sick that they have damaged the normal systems in their body.

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You couldn't instantly fix a car by just changing the fuel. A raw food diet is a change in fuel for most people and if some of their organs or systems aren't working right, a change in fuel will not heal them. Luckily with time the body can heal because it's more than a car, it is self-healing, if given enough energy and proper nutrients, etc.

For instance, some individuals have damaged their blood sugar metabolism by eating too many starchy and high fat foods. The body needs time to heal. In certain rare health situations, it's better to fast, for a time, than to eat any foods at all. Water fasting gives your body the best chance to heal itself.

Some unhealthy people simply can't eat the same foods that a healthy human in pristine condition would thrive upon. These differences in no way prove the Metabolic Typing Diet theory. They simply prove that some people have less than optimal health.

Certainly most of my raw food coaching clients thrive on the Optimal Raw Food Diet. For a small percentage of people, the initial detoxification period is a bit challenging, but with time they all overcome that stage on their road back to radiant health.

It doesn't matter what body type they are. I've noticed it works for all body types.

I've seen this happen repeatedly with the members of my private raw food coaching forum,

We have detailed detoxification stories in the forum, from many of the members. They detail their initial detoxification and later when they no longer had the detoxification symptoms.

Reading this kind of information is invaluable and makes it easier for anyone to go raw. You simply have to understand what is going on and realize that in most cases people experience at least some detoxification symptoms when switching to the healthiest diet possible.

When people quit smoking, drugs or alcohol they also have a detoxification period. Cooked food is a drug and a toxin, therefore it's only natural to have a detoxification period after you stop eating cooked food.

An Easy Way To Simplify The Raw Diet Choices

Here's a way to simplify raw diet selection. Any diet can be broken down into macronutrient ratios. Macronutrients are the only nutrients that contain calories. Water for instance is not a macronutrient because it doesn't contain calories.

All diets contain a certain percentage of protein, carbohydrates and fats. These are the main macronutrients, we won't count alcohol for our purposes.

The most general breakdown from a macronutrient level, for raw food diets is this:

1. Low fat, high carbs and low protein: An example would be total calories breaking down like this: 80% carbohydrates, 10% fat and 10% protein.

2. High fat, low carbs and low protein: Or 70% fat, 20% carbs and 10% protein.

3. Medium carbs, medium fat and low protein: Or 45% carbs, 45% fat and again 10% protein. Or some combination of carbohydrate and fat calories. The protein numbers will always stay near the 10% range of total calories consumed on vegan raw diets.

Some raw authors claim other macronutrient ratios, but as I've proven in another article, the only real macronutrient ratios possible for a raw vegan diet, are what I've mentioned above. You can read the article below for a more detailed explanation.

So if a diet requires that you to eat foods that are not whole, requires the consumption of staple foods that are not available on most of the planet, like Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae, or requires extensive supplementation, then your diet simply isn't a natural diet for humans.

This includes all diets that recommend metabolic typing and different diets depending on your so-called body type, Ayurvedic dosha or your blood type etc. No animal species eats by blood type or by their metabolic type. Humans never ate this way either, before the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago made it possible.

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First We Have To Determine Our Natural Environment

If you want to determine a natural diet, you have to first see what kind of foods are available to us in our natural environment. Where on this planet could we survive without clothing? It could only be in a warm tropical environment; otherwise we would freeze to death in the wintertime.

Humans couldn't even survive in New Jersey (where I live) if they had no clothing or shelter. Moreover, there isn't enough of a variety of raw foods available for humans living in New Jersey and similar climates.

This also blows away the seasonal eating myth. The seasonal idea only applies to foods growing in our natural habitat. We couldn't survive on raw seasonal foods in New Jersey.

The seasonal foods in New Jersey are not raw foods that could support human life year round. Therefore we'd be too cold and starving to death if we had to survive here without clothing, tools, weapons and shelter.

This also applies to almost all places in North America. Hawaii and Southern Florida might be places were humans could survive if there were enough wild areas for them to find enough fruits and vegetation.

Our diet would also have to be attained without the use of complicated tools. That is how man lived for millions of years. Certainly, the first humans on the planet, didn't have any tools and yet they had to survive somehow. Early humans were raw foodists, they didn't master fire yet, so they had to eat whole raw foods that they could easily gather.

We're certainly not natural hunters

We don't have the natural or built in weapons to hunt. Hunting successfully was only possible with the advent of weapons. But with what God has given us, we are not natural hunters.

Nor do we have the natural inclination to hunt. We don't drool when we see animals and want to kill them like carnivores instinctively do. Yes I know people like to hunt and to chase animals, but would they like to bite into them and eat all the blood and guts? I think not.

We don't even have the right kind of teeth and jaws to be able to eat meat. Hunting without tools is not natural for humans.

Just go out and try to catch a rabbit, bird or squirrel with your bare hands. It's not happening and I can tell you I tried as a child and teenager. I used to try and catch rabbits. They are super fast. I never got close to them. But I got a great workout trying. Hidden workout tip. :-)

What if I caught the rabbit? How would I eat it? I don't have the right kind of teeth or claws to rip into it and get at the flesh. I can't open my mouth wide enough like the carnivores. Again I would need tools just to be able to eat it.

I don't need any tools to eat fruits, and vegetables. That's a clue.

The only foods we'd be eating in our natural environment would be foods we could gather with our hands and foods that wouldn't run away from us. They'd be foods like fruits, vegetables, shoots, nuts and seeds. I suppose you could throw in some insects, eggs and dead animals. But that doesn't seem too appealing to most people.

Fruits and vegetables would be the easiest foods for us to gather. Nuts and seeds are only available a month or two at a time in these tropical climates. Having to open the shells is very time consuming even with a nutcracker, imagine having to do it without one. I don't think we'd be consuming too many nut pâtés out in nature.

Therefore, a high fat diet was simply out of the question. It wasn't available until the advent of agriculture. There were no bags of shelled nuts or Crisco oil to add to your foods. There was no yearly supply of avocados in your little 250 mile corner of the planet. (Humans before agriculture were highly nomadic and usually lived in small groups of 50 people with a 250 mile territory they protected.)

Even if you study the diets of our closest primate relatives, the great apes. None of them eat a high fat diet. That is another clue.

The closest to us genetically and in intelligence, the bonobos and the chimpanzees eat a high fruit diet with some vegetables. Orangutans and gorillas also eat a low fat diet.

Humans are primates as well. Why should we eat so differently from our closest genetic relatives?

The truth is that a high fat, raw food diet, is actually quite a dangerous diet as well. It's not just that it's not available, but it's been proven over and over again to be dangerous to our health.

These factors obviously eliminate all the high fat raw food diets and most raw diets these days are of the high fat variety.

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Two Major Dietary Factors To Consider

So we have two major factors that give us clues as to our ideal diet. We know it must be 100% raw and we know it has to be a low fat diet. From what I've studied, all the diets I mentioned above, except for Natural Hygiene and the Optimal Raw Food Diet are diets that get 25% to 70% of their total calories from fat.

Even within Natural Hygiene there are several differences of opinion as to what Natural Hygiene really is. Some Natural Hygienists also eat cooked food. Some eat a lot more fat.

So to simplify things, I simply recommend the Optimal Raw Food Diet. It follows most of the principles of Natural Hygiene but stresses a low fat raw diet with lots of leafy greens and other mineral rich raw foods. The approximate macronutrient ratio for this diet is 75% carbohydrates, 15% fat and 10% protein.

For peak performance or if you are sick, it would be wise to drop fat consumptioin to 10%, as Dr. Douglas Graham recommends. This simply means lowering your fat consumption by 5% and increasing carbohydrate consumption by 5% of calories consumed on a weekly basis or 80/10/10.

Why Do I Need To Calculate These Numbers?

This is crazy you say. Why do I need to calculate all of these numbers?

You wouldn't if you lived in your natural habitat, without tools, weapons and clothing. On a year round basis, you'd naturally be eating a low fat, raw food diet. But since we have so many raw food choices and so many fats to choose from, due to agriculture, we have to be more careful of what we eat.

Out in nature no calculations of macronutrients would be necessary. Once you start eating this way regularly, you'll know which foods and how much of them to eat. You won't have to constantly calculate your macronutrient percentages. I certainly don't.

The closest we can get to our natural diet is a low fat, low protein and high carbohydrate diet. I don't see the chimps getting cancer from eating fruit. But this is a scare tactic that these other raw food diet systems try to throw at us.

They tell us all the sugar from fruit is dangerous and that we can get sick from fruit. This is a bunch of nonsense. Numerous studies show that the healthiest people are the ones who eat the most fruits and vegetables.

The first thing we can taste as babies is the sweet taste. Our sweet taste bud is at the tip of our tongue. There are some organs in the body that can only run on sugar and nothing else. The preferred and cleanest burning fuel for every cell in the body is sugar. I'm not talking about refined sugar, but the sugar found in our whole, natural and raw foods.

The longest-lived and healthiest cultures on earth consume a high carbohydrate/sugar diet. Isn't it becoming obvious to you that the ideal diet for humans is the Optimal Raw Food Diet?

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske


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