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I took today's issue of Superbeing Secrets from part of a post, at the Lightning Speed Fitness Program, private forum. In the next few minutes, you're going to learn how to get the most intense ab workout possible, producing rock solid, ripped abs.

The best part about what I call The Super Squeeze Technique is that you can do it anywhere, while you are working at your desk, while walking, watching T.V., taking a shower or lying down in bed or on the floor.

The original post is # 219 and is titled: Build Huge Biceps & Get A Total Body Workout -- Without Weights. If you want to read the complete article, you can do so after becoming a member.

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"Build Rock Solid, Ripped Abs, Anytime, Anywhere"
Introducing The Super Squeeze Technique

Another amazing thing you can do with DSR is ab workouts. I started doing this one day while watching T.V. I was just lying on my couch, when I realized I could be strongly flexing my abdominal muscles. It was amazing; I was watching TV and getting a super ab workout at the same time.

I flexed my abs as hard as I could. I almost passed out a couple of times. If I were standing up, I might have keeled over. Note you don't have to flex so hard, it depends on the kind of results you want to get. You can flex at medium power but simply hold the contraction for a longer period of time.

Be careful not to do this in the car. One time I almost crashed because I started losing consciousness while heavily contracting my abs while driving. Luckily I didn't completely lose consciousness.

Even as I'm typing this sentence, I'm tightly contracting my abs. This means you can do this while at work. In addition, no one will look funny at you because you can do it without being too obvious.

The next day after I experimented with the Super Squeeze, I really felt it in my abs. I have been doing this kind of exercise throughout the day, ever since. Now I don't need to do a separate ab workout. I just do these Super Squeezes while doing other things. These can even replace Superman pushups.

I do ab contractions while doing other daily activities as well. I even do them in the morning while waking up and while I'm still in the bed. You can do them while standing, sitting or lying down.

One great way to get results is to curl your chin towards your chest and then squeeze as hard as you can with your abdominal muscles. Then try squeezing in all different positions and from different angles.

What you are doing is simply pulling your ab muscles inward, but doing it powerfully. Believe it or not, this is much more powerful than doing sit-ups or crunches because the Super Squeeze creates a much more powerful contraction.

Try mentally focusing on your lower abs. Or twist in one direction and then squeeze very hard. Then twist in the other direction and squeeze.

Breathing is very important. If you take a deep breath and hold it you can create super powerful resistance, but you have to be careful you don't accidentally knock yourself out.

Another technique is to simply take a deep breath but gradually let some air out of your mouth as you strongly flex your abdominal muscles.

With this DSR concept (DSR is explained at the forum) and the Lightning Speed Fitness Program, you can condition and build powerful muscles in every part of your body without going to a gym or lifting weights. Give it a try, I think you'll be surprised at how much of a pump you can get by doing this.

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