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America's only rawfood lifestyle magazine is dedicated to teaching health enthusiasts how to eat our natural diet of alive raw foods, self-heal using our God-given powers within, and build vibrant health the natural way. With a writing staff of the most experienced and healthiest raw health educators, is read by 30,000 health truth lovers in 38 countries. Get an accurate education in nutrition and self-healing science, overcome disease and become inspired to reach your true health potential!

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Each volume of Livingnutrition is packed with a cornucopia of healthful information to assist you with your quest for superior health and joyous living. The most experienced and healthiest raw health educators teach the principles of healthful living based upon the most successful health system the world has ever seen: Natural Hygiene.


Regular features:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Dietary Transition Help
  • Raw Food Recipes
  • Healthful Eating Guidelines
  • Self-healing Guidelines
  • Healthful Eating Guidelines
  • Physical and Mental Fitness Education
  • Natural Parenting Education
  • Healing Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Raw Food Movement News and Events
  • Meditation and Spirituality
  • Ecological Health
  • Health Education
  • Health Contacts
  • New Book, CD and Tape Reviews
  • Organic Gardening & Orcharding
  • Raw Food Recipes
  • Discount Juicers
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Cartoons
  • Food Safety News
  • Fitness and Yoga
  • ...and more!


You will learn how to:

  • Eat a natural diet of alive raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  • Save time from slaving away in the kitchen and preparing lifeless, disease-causing pseudo-foods.
  • Overcome illness the natural way and realize complete rejuvenation.
  • Avoid pain and suffering, colds and disease and medical bills.
  • Become your own self-health care guide.
  • Create glowing health and superb fitness.
  • Feel youthful and assure extraordinary longevity.
  • Design a most healthful lifestyle, so that you can experience the joyous living you have always longed for, but thought was only possible in your dreams.

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Our writing staff:
  • David Klein
  • Dr. Douglas Graham
  • Professor Rozalind Gruben
  • Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano
  • Dr. Roe Gallo
  • Dr. Susan Smith Jones
  • Don Weaver
  • Dr. Robert Sniadach
  • Dr. Thomas Stone
  • Dr. Henry Anderson
  • Dr. Jim Dreaver
  • Morris Krok
  • Mike White
Our readers say:

"Living Nutrition is the crown jewel of the raw health movement. Not reading Living Nutrition is like not eating the heart of the watermelon. Stay on top of trends being created by raw health leaders, get the best health education the world has to offer, and get totally inspired with Living Nutrition Magazine."
- Dr. Douglas Graham, President, Healthful Living International

"I have subscribed to a lot of magazines in my life and this is about the only one I couldn't put down."
- Julie Rodwell Curtis, Ashland, Oregon

"Thank you for your untiring effort to create and distribute the most important magazine published today. You are a blessing to so many. Keep these magazines coming. They are very inspiring."
- Michael Nelison, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"You have excellent contributors with a holistic spread that is based in truth."
- Viktoras Kulvinskas Hot Springs, Arkansas, "Father of the Living Foods Movement"

"Living Nutrition is the most essential magazine around--way ahead of the rest. Indeed, it's the only magazine literally teeming with life!"
- Daniel Gish, London, England

"The magazine is pure light magic!"
- Saskia Friedrich, Amagansett, New York

"I read your magazine from cover to cover and thought it was superior!"
- Susan Konig reporter for the New York Times, Great Neck, NY

"Thanks for your great work and inspiration!"
- Terri Su, M.D., Santa Rosa, California"

"I wish this was required reading in every school in the world. Living Nutrition is, without a doubt in my mind, the most important publication today for the life of mankind, along with Baha'i Writings. It just gets better and better."
- Steven King, USA Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, Granite Falls, Washington