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Raw Food Websites

The Perfect Health Program
Dr. Douglas Graham interviewed by Frederic Patenaude.

Roger Haeske
This is my latest site, join the great forum.

Self-Improvement and Spiritual Growth Websites

The Best Thing Since Anthony Robbins and It's Totally Free
Simpleology by Mark Joyner

The Superbeing System Weblog

Super Fitness Without a Gym or Exercise Equipment

Lightning Speed Fitness Program

Get The Naked Warrior

"How to Gain Super Strength with Only Two Bodyweight Exercises." This book is great because it shows you numerous ways to make any bodyweight exercise harder or easier. You're body becomes the gym. Get a power building workout anywhere and experience quick increases in your strength. Check out the great testimonials.

I highly recommend it, Roger Haeske

Alternative Healing:

Great article on healing cancer and many other diseases with a very inexpensive and common substance.


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