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I have something very special for you this week. I've gotten the permission from David Klein the publisher of Living Nutrition Magazine, to give you excerpts from a great raw food book  he coauthored with Dr. T.C. Fry.

Read Excerpts From:
"Your Natural Diet"

I think you're going to really enjoy these excerpts.

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Please read below for the exciting excerpt from chapter 1 of "Your Natural Diet."

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Excerpts from

Your Natural Diet:
Alive Raw Foods

by T. C. Fry and David Klein

© 2002 Living Nutrition Publications
World rights reserved.

by Dr. Douglas Graham

Every once in a while a person comes along who changes the way we look at things. T. C. Fry was one of those people. T. C. has had a bigger influence on the health and eating habits of the nation than perhaps any other person. He wrote tirelessly for 25 years. Along the way, he taught many people who have themselves written best selling-books, and many others who are about to.  T. C. was unrelenting in his efforts to get the word out about Natural Hygiene, a lifestyle that added 25 years of robust health, that he had never experienced before, onto his life.

I count myself among the Natural Hygiene authors influenced by T. C.  Included in the list are: Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, famous for their book, Fit for Life , Marti Wheeler, Dr. Gina Shaw, Professor Rozalind Gruben (look for her upcoming book, Raw Nutritional Science ), and David Klein, to name just a  few.

  David takes his mission seriously. Having been helped to health by T. C. from a debilitating gastro-intestinal disorder (ulcerative colitis) in 1984, David Klein has become one of the world's finest health educator-writers, spreading a healthy message at every opportunity. Your Natural Diet is no exception. Within these pages, David  has compiled his most insightful "how to" writings with much of the classic work of T. C. Fry. Taken out of context, much of this information might seem unconvincing. Taken  together, Your Natural Diet is a powerful “how to” manual that leaves very little unsaid about creating and maintaining vibrant health through healthful eating and living practices.

   If you are ready to become truly influenced by natural health sense, Your Natural Diet is for you. If you are interested in achieving top-level health, cutting straight to the chase and replacing your old self-destructive habits with self-constructive ones, read this deeply illuminating book. If you want to chew on food for thought that will challenge your beliefs and encourage you to improve yourself, David Klein has put together a winner for you.

Your Natural Diet is must reading for any true health enthusiast. In a time of dime-a-dozen health fads where new diet programs and gimmicks are being promoted every day, Your Natural Diet offers timeless teaching brought to you by two of the world's masters.   Your Natural Diet is a book for the ages. Read it and enjoy, read it and grow healthier.

Dr. Douglas Graham is President of Healthful Living International and author of Grain Damage, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, The High Energy Diet Recipe Guide, Perpetual Health, and Hygienic Fasting.


by David Klein

One magical evening in 1984 my mind exploded. I was studying the Natural Hygiene Course , which was masterminded by T. C. Fry, and I understood how to save and resurrect my life. I also understood what humanity needed to undo disease, suffering and its descent toward extinction. My revelation of health via the principles of natural raw food diet and self-healing set in motion my rapid healing and lit a fire in me which is still raging on. From an abyss on the brink of destruction, to the pinnacle of health, here I am!

  Some people describe my passion for getting people the messages of raw food eating and self-healing as driven and indomitable.  A minute has rarely gone by in seventeen years when I have not been caught up in thinking of ways to effectively present this information so that everyone can understand and embrace it. Where is this passion coming from?  From my desire to help others after recovering from eight years of my own hellacious suffering, my will to live in a healthy body and enjoy the fruits of life, and to see my fellow Earth beings realize the same. No one deserves to suffer!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'll be educating the world for the next hundred years, or as long as it takes for humanity to wake up to healthful living. I love doing this work––empowering people with this knowledge and seeing them overcome suffering, thwarting death, and becoming healthy and liberated from the medical traps is heartening and exhilarating! Every woman, man and child deserves to live a healthful life in a healthy body! The information describing how to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate is here and available to everyone now and it is high time that everyone gets it! As Thomas Henry Huxley said, “Education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of Nature.” Natural is the way to be!

  Humanity needs to know that:

  • We are biological (not technological or medical) creatures; natural is the way.

  • Our biological/physiological dietetic constitution is frugivore.

  • Alive raw fruits, succulent plants, seeds and nuts are the foods which constitute our natural, most delicious and most healthful diet; “live foods for live people” is the watchword.

  • Cooking food is an act of destruction, creating toxins; cooked meat is carcinogenic; cooked grains feed our fat cells.

• Every nutrient we need is available in fruit and plant foods; there is no need to kill and eat animals.

  • A meal of three apples is immeasurably nutritionally superior to any cooked food meal. Simple eating is not boring––it is deliciously liberating and reverses aging!

  • Our bodies know how to self-heal disease––we merely have to step out of the way, live on simple raw juices, and/or fruits and vegetables, or on water, get rest and sleep and the body will detoxify and heal.

  • Germs do not cause illness––they are ubiquitous and all are beneficial, working symbiotically with the body to help digest plant foods, synthesize some vitamins and clean up wastes.

  • We cannot become healthy if we attempt to drug and continue to pollute our bodies with medicines and dead deranged “foods.”

  • Every drug or medicine is poison and has no healing power.

• There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to health––only the body itself can regenerate a healthier body, and it needs a clean diet and supportive conditions to accomplish that.

  • Relying on outside modalities for healing disempowers us; relying on Providence, or the God within, for self healing is the way to actualize perfect health and maximum longevity.

  • There are no mysteries behind why we get sick––the information describing the cause of and way to overcome every illness, and the proper professional help, is here and available to everyone.

  • Disease is not inevitable or out of our control––we only become diseased if we poison and enervate ourselves.

  • No one need fear “getting sick.” “Sickness” is nature's way of detoxifying and telling us that we need to correct our thinking and live more healthfully.

  • Perfect health and joyous living are our birthright, and we can all move toward their realization every day, on the glorious healthful living path.

I thank you for reading this and for anything you can do to spread the message of healthful living. I am eternally grateful for my mentor, Mr. T. C. Fry, who provided the opportunity to share this information with you.

There is a universal spiritual law which says that to receive we must give. It follows that for every ounce of good will we put out toward our fellow Earth citizens, we will receive more enrichment in return. This is so true! It feels so good to give––to oneself by creating a healthier body, and to humanity by sharing this information. This raises our and Mother Earth's level of health and deepens our spiritual connection, becoming a joyous daily ritual or celebration. The fruits of this healing work are simply the fruits of life. I love sharing with you and wish you joyful health and endless abundance.

Chapter 1

Some of the Enormous Benefits You Can Expect From Your Natural Diet and Healthful Practices

Based soundly and scientifically upon our natural biological disposition––upon our natural physical, mental, emotional, sensory and spiritual needs––you can expect sensational improvements when you eat a raw food diet and practice the totally effective health system of which it is a part. The health system of which the natural raw food diet is a part is the basis for vibrant, sickness-free well-being! By following this natural and effective system in practice, you almost surely will:

  1. Overcome, once and for all time, occasional illnesses or annoying ailments. Whether it be indigestion, colds, flu bouts, mucus expectoration, headaches, backaches, fevers and "itises" or even such "incurable" problems as acne, allergy, arthritis, asthma, constipation, heart and cardiovascular problems, herpes, psoriasis, skin problems, sinusitis, tinnitus, tumors or whatever, this system enables you to overcome almost anything simply by discontinuing and removing easily recognized causes, and establishing conditions that build great health.

  2. Because you'll discontinue and avoid easily recognizable causes of discomforts, sicknesses and disease, you need not suffer even so much as another case of indigestion, aches and pains, fever (itis), sore throat, cough, cold or anything else!

3. Normalize your weight if it is excessive. Without dieting or counting calories, the Natural Hygiene or Healthful Living regimen born of properly meeting our needs causes the overweight to quickly, naturally, safely, surely, and permanently lose down to a naturally normal weight set-point.

  4. Eliminate physicians, hospitals, drugs, and nostrums from your and your family's lives. You'll also be spared their astronomical costs as well as the aches, pains, discomforts, agonies, and lost time.

  5. Save thousands of dollars every year in food, energy, medical, hospital, drug, labor, insurance, and other outlays!

  6. Energize yourself! You'll get more done when your energy levels go up! You become more lovable and charming as you become happier, more radiant and more dynamic.

  7. Increase your brainpower and mental alertness. Your thinking will be clearer, sharper and more focused. Your IQ and wisdom will increase significantly.

  8. Have new-found strength, stamina, vigor and vitality.

  9. Enjoy clearer complexion with a glowing and radiant skin tone.

  10. Speak with an improved voice that tends to bell clearness.

  11. Restore yourself to relative youth! You'll look, act and feel up to 20 years younger within one to four months.

  12. Eliminate most digestive problems within 24 hours after going on this marvelous diet.

  13. Improve your productivity and job performance, thus increasing your income appreciably.

  14. Feel like a million! You'll have a buoyancy and bounce that even younger people do not have!

  15. Decrease your sleep needs by about an hour daily even though you'll be more alert and better rested.

16. You'll be sharper, more precise and correct in your judgments and assessments, thus enabling you to more accurately and quickly perform both physical and mental tasks.

  17. When you start doing what you should always have been doing, you'll start being what you always should have been! When you do right, you'll become right.

"This Raw Food Book Will Give You the Answers You Need " Your Natural Diet


Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods
by Dr. T. C. Fry and David Klein
(200 pp., paperback, $15)

A comprehensive synthesis of the finest writings by the by greatest health writer and diet mentor of his generation, Dr. T. C. Fry and David Klein, making a wholistic introduction for the novice as well as a transformational guide for the intermediate raw fooder.

Dr. Fry was the mentor to Marilyn and Harvey Diamond, co-authors of the 10-million best-seller, Fit for Life. Presents fascinating criteria for determining our natural diet, the detrimental aspects of cooking, the physiology of digestion, practical keys to fruit and raw food eating, a guide to food selection, explanations of detoxification and the requirements of health, a gradual dietary transition plan, healthful eating and food combining guidelines, mental-emotional tools for overcoming eating problems, insight on how to approach intuitive/instinctual eating, raw food lifestyle tips, raw food recipes, healthful resources and more.

Get the rare wholistic insight you need to succeed in eating the simplest and most digestible way possible. This gem presents the most time-proven way to eat your natural diet....without fancy recipes, supplement and cleansing hooha, or whimsical nonsense. Learn from the physiologists, the experts in the science of health (Natural Hygiene), and enjoy the simplicity, deliciousness and rejuvenative ecstacy of aligning with your true biological self.

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The enormity of the task of persuasion

I have written this in the hope that you will apply it so as to become a happy, caring, charming, lovable, loving, highly competent and brainier human being. I know I have quite a task in view of the many erroneous concepts which most of us subscribe to––concepts that may subconsciously close your mind to many truths.

  The most difficult of tasks is to present the truth to those programmed in misconceptions and errors so as to win its acceptance. Especially is this so when seemingly impossible benefits are promised.

  I feel my efforts here to be along that line––how to present to you the truths about diet, health and well-being so as not to offend your sensibilities at their present level nor risk your dismissal as ridiculous in comparison with currently accepted and perpetuated errors––errors that have made America one of the most disease-ridden nations on earth––a country of 260 million people who spend more on "disease care" than the next two billion highest spenders altogether! Despite this, our over one trillion dollar annual "health care" bill continues to escalate and compound at about 16% per year, self-evidence that our health is getting worse for all that.

  Appropriately, it has been observed that truth is often stranger than fiction.  Indeed, it is!  For, herein, you'll find that what is true seems too good to be true. Remember, only that which is true can yield good!

  While I have largely mastered the art of presenting truths in terms that are self-evident––simply undeniable by rational and thinking individuals––I find many who have been so steeped in errors and misconceptions that they reject truths that are plainly obvious.

Prevention impossible and unnecessary

Thus, in telling you that our natural diet prevents diseases, I am, in effect, saying that an unnatural diet causes disease. This happens to be the truth. No amount of "prevention" works if causes are there!

I feel a bit of clarification is in order in the use of the prevention. It is not necessary to prevent that which will not happen unless caused! So, in reality, the natural diet prevents nothing––the term “prevent” is used in the present day context. Disease is commonly regarded as inevitable but can be prevented with vaccinations, certain foods with certain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and so on. This is false! These agencies prevent nothing (except deficiency) if causes still prevail. Discontinuing and removing causes prevents everything.

An auto performs well on the gasoline for which its engine is designed. It will perform poorly on kerosene and will all the sooner clog up and conk out, even ruining the engine. In the same light, the human body thrives on the dietary regimen to which it is naturally adapted while it will perform poorly on an unnatural diet––yes, even conk out. On an unnatural diet the body will suffer illnesses, impairments and impediments that lead to early incapacitation and death.

In this book you'll learn that humans became adapted to a particular diet just as did other creatures of nature. You do not have to believe this. Your own inherent instincts are still alive and well and will unerringly determine this natural diet if you ask yourself certain questions.  

  You'll learn that most conventionally eaten foods not only fail to furnish needed nutrients but actually intoxicate the body directly and indirectly via intestinal flora. This leads to both deficiencies and sicknesses. The body is weakened and impaired from deficiency while it is forced into emergency cleansing crises called illnesses when saturated with toxicants and morbid matters. Continuation of unhealthy practices leads to chronic problems and irreversible impairments.

Junky foods make junky bodies!

You'll learn that cooked foods are a curse to the human body.  They are contrary to our natural endowments––nature did not equip us with cook stoves! Cooked foods epitomize our love affair with disease-causing and life-sapping fare.

You'll learn that heated oils, fats, proteins, starches and sugars are all carcinogenic.

  You'll learn that overeating is caused by stresses, distresses, and by a body driven in a mad quest for nutrients that are deficient or missing in the diet eaten.

  You'll learn that unnatural and deficient foods distress the body, hence invoking the "feast against famine" response, thus causing gross overeating and unnatural weight gain.  

You'll learn about foods that have high biological value and those that are negative in their health values.  

  You'll learn about negative calorie foods––the more you eat, the more of your fat reserves the body uses to supply the energy necessary to process them and operate your body. Most of these foods are quite nutritious otherwise.

  I wrote this to inspire and motivate you to do what is necessary to realize wonderful health and radiant well-being. I want you and every human being to be a superb example of:

1. Vibrant sickness-free health.

  2. A lovely, loving, caring, and charming person.

  3. An attractively fit individual.

  4. A person bubbling over with energy.

  5. A person of keen mind and intellect.

  6. The personification of goodness and happiness.

  7. In short, a person who realizes the bountiful potential with which you are naturally endowed.

  I have striven to present you with the touchstones necessary to become this noble being.

This article was presented to you by David Klein. He's the author of several other books including, "Self Healing Colitis& Crohn's"

David is also the publisher of the premier raw food magazine, "Living Nutrition."

"Does a Raw Food Diet Seem Bland, Tasteless and Very Hard for You to Do? Are you Worried About Getting Enough Nutrients and Maintaining a Great Social Life?"

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