"How Anyone, On Any Diet, Can Rapidly Improve Their Health"

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Do you want to improve your health without giving up your favorite cooked foods? Or have you been eating a raw diet but not getting the results you expected?


I know what it's like; who wants to give up all their favorite cooked foods? If you are like most people, if you could have great health without changing much, you would go for the easy change.


Well today I'm going to share a tip with you, that could improve your health substantially and without having to go to a 100% raw food diet. I still recommend going 100% raw for the ultimate health, peak performance and spiritual benefits. But this technique has been proven in a recent study to improve the health of the average cooked food eater, with just the addition of one new meal per day.


If you're already on the raw food path and you have lots of cravings for cooked food, or if your health results are starting to reverse, then this article can help you as well.

Are You Eating Enough Greens?

Maybe I'm lucky, I've had excellent health results with eating 100% raw. However, this wasn't always the case, eventually I learned how to do the raw diet in a healthy and nutritionally balanced matter. But it took me five years of trial and error to figure it out.


One of the foods I always ate a lot of was leafy greens. It turns out this may have been one of my secrets. Some people just don't get it. They don't eat nearly enough leafy greens. This applies to people on any diet.


But I had a problem; eating a big salad took me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. I had to chew like crazy because I knew I had to break the plant fibers down as much as possible to be able to absorb the nutrients from the leafy greens.


The solution was simple. In "Fit For Life," by Marilyn and Harvery Diamoned, I first read about the blended salad. I have been making them ever since.

This blended salad gave me several advantages:

1. I was able to easily consume much more leafy greens in blended form compared to a salad.


2. I could consume those greens in 10 minutes or less, not the 45 minutes to one hour it previously took me.


3. I didn't have to prepare a salad dressing, because the salad was now a soup or in liquid form. I personally love the taste of these but some people don't. So I'll have another solution for you below.


4. The nutrients from leafy greens are only available if we first mechanically break down the cellulose in the plant fibers. This can be done with very thorough and long chewing or by using a powerful blender like a Vitamix.


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5. Over the years several hygienic doctors have recommended the use of blended salads to increase the nutrient absorption from leafy greens with markedly improved health results.


6. The recent Roseburg Study showed improved health by people simply adding green smoothies to their diet over a one - month period.


* Sixty seven percent of the participants increased the low hydrochloric acid levels in their stomachs by adding green smoothies to their diets. Turned out most people who were tested, showed signs of low hydrochloric acid levels.


** Appropriate hydrochloric acid levels can give you these benefits:


*** Increased nutrient absorption

*** Fights off yeast infections, like candida ablicans

*** Lessen the possibility of parasites and infections

*** Heal allergies

*** Improve overall health


Here are some specific improvements the study participants mentioned: Remember, this is only after one month of drinking a quart of greens smoothies per day.


* Increase in energy

* Depression lifted, all suicidal thoughts gone

* Less blood sugar fluctuations

* More regular bowel movements

* Dandruff gone

* Insomnia healed

* Asthma attacks stopped completely

* None of the usual PMS symptoms

* Fingernails became stronger

* Wanted less coffee

* Sex life improved

* Skin cleared up and many more


What's The Easy Way To Radiant Health?

How Anyone, On Any Diet, Can Rapidly Improve Their Health!

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I can tell you what happens to me when I don't eat a lot of greens on a daily basis. My fingernails soften and then they start chipping and peeling. Within a week of adding more greens that problem goes away.


So many people pay lip service to eating greens. They know it's important but they simply don't eat enough greens to give them the best possible health results.


Even people who think they eat a lot of greens, really don't consume enough. I know this from first hand experience of living and spending time with other raw foodists. It's hard to get enough greens and to absorb the nutrients from those greens by just eating salads.


Heck, this isn't just about raw foodists, but about everyone.


I always recommend the use of blended salads or green soups. But some people don't like them. Victoria Boutenko has come up with a solution for people who don't like these. It's the green smoothie.


A green smoothie consists of a smoothie made with fruit and some kind of or combination of leafy green vegetables. The more greens the merrier. The sweetness from the fruit and the greens tastes surprisingly good. It's a great way to get more greens in the most assimilable form available for digestion.


Victoria Boutenko goes into all the reasons why and what to do about it in her upcoming teleconference with Frederic Patenaude.


What's The Easy Way To Radiant Health?

How Anyone, On Any Diet, Can Rapidly Improve Their Health!

Special Teleconference: "Green For Life" with Victoria Boutenko and Frédéric Patenaude.


When Victoria regularly started adding more greens to her diet, she noticed her appearance improved, she had less wrinkles, gray hairs went away, she also had more energy and didn't crave heavy or fatty foods in the evenings anymore. It also stopped cravings for a traditional cooked food she used to love. Two moles she had for many years, fell off of her within two months of consuming these green smoothies.


If you want to improve your health and aren't ready for total commitment to eating raw, why don't you try adding green smoothies to your diet. This will also help you to transition to raw, because when you have enough nutrients in your body, the cravings for cooked food lessen dramatically.


If you're current raw diet isn't giving you all the results you wanted, them maybe you're not consuming enough greens or maybe you're not even absorbing them. Victoria and Frédéric's teleconference package, will give you all the information you need to improve your health with green smoothies.




To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske



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