"And Finally: Why Disney World is Boring Compared to This"

Dear Friend,

Today I'm going to share with you why a raw food diet increases your ability to attract abundance and at the same time increases your spiritual awareness.

I also want to finish discussing something I mentioned in one of my previous articles called, "What is More Valuable Than Money?"

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Why I mentioned Disney World

Many years ago, I went to one of many spiritual seminars that I had attended as part of my spiritual path. This seminar happened to be in Orlando, Florida, right near Disney World or the Magic Kingdom.

I had the choice to go to Disney World whenever I wanted to when I was in Orlando. But I much preferred to be at the seminar. When you have a group of people all focusing on Divine Love and God it is really the most amazing feeling you can imagine.

Just about everyone is very happy and it becomes very easy to tune in spiritually. Even the staff at the convention center can feel the difference in the atmosphere. The inner surge of spiritual energy is immense because there's a group of about 5,000 people all together and focused on Divine Love.

After the seminar was over, a bunch of us from the seminar got together and we went into Disney World for the day. I couldn't believe how boring Disney World was, compared to being at that seminar. Disney World was much more entertaining to the outer senses but it didn't do anything for me inwardly.
I've been to Disney World as a child and loved it. But compared to the vast happiness and spiritual power generated by the people at the seminar, Disney World was boring.

We brought much of that spiritual power with us. But the vibration of Disney World was much lower than what we had at our seminar. Most of the people there were not focused on giving Divine Love, they were focused on entertainment and outer things. Therefore, Disney World was not a powerful spiritual force like our seminar was.

The key is where you focus your attention. No matter what job you are doing, you can do it as a service of love to the Divine. Even if you're in prison or cleaning gutters, or doing heavy manual labor, nothing can stop you from feeling inspired and fulfilled.

You will positively influence the world around you by focusing on the Divine. In fact, you'll even lower the crime rate and help to bring world peace. Studies have shown that bringing in people deep meditators to an area actually lowered the crime rate. And what you'd be doing is a walking meditation.

You're spiritual focus will catch on with the people around you. I used to play tennis against this other tennis pro. He once commented to me that he always loved playing with me. He somehow felt better playing against me than anyone else, even though I beat him most of the time.

I knew why he felt that way. Because I had stopped being so competitive and my focused had switched to Divine Love. People can really feel that because we all can feel vibrations and are psychic to a certain level, even if we aren't consciously aware of that ability.

Haven't you just ever felt good around certain people. It's very likely that you were affected by their positive consciousness.

A Final Point on This

You'll find that the more in tune and active you are spiritually, the less interesting certain things you used to like, become. T.V for instance, can get very boring, because when you are spiritually in tune, you are active and creative. Passive activities like watching T.V. can only be tolerated for so long, before you get really bored.

Why A Raw Food Diet Increases Abundance

The only thing that ever stopped me was experiencing depression.

When I went through my 6.5 years of depression, for some reason I had a very hard time tuning into Divine Love, Spirit and happiness. In fact, I had to focus my attention on God all throughout the day, just to barely survive the day. It required incredible mental focus. So in a way my depression was a gift because it forced me to strictly practice the presence of God.

I didn't feel the spiritual power I used to feel before depression hit me. It was as if a black veil blinded my spiritual senses. I lived in fear, darkness, despair and loneliness for many years.

It was only after discovering "Fit For Life" and eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables that I immediately defeated depression, after 6.5 years of hell.

Eating raw allows me to tune in to the spiritual power almost effortlessly. This is one of the many benefits of eating raw. If I didn't switch to a raw food diet, I'd still be depressed today and you would have never received even one article from me.

I could never do what I do now while I was suffering depression. I'd still be stuck in low paying jobs that I hated because that is all I'd be capable of doing. Eating raw has allowed me to unleash my potential.

I have met so many people who have overcome depression, simply by switching to a raw food diet. Raw foods are happiness foods. They are sun drenched foods with a high spiritual vibration, that will uplift your awareness.

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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske