More Proof A High Fat Diet (Even Raw Fats) Can Cause Diabetes And Other Blood Sugar Metabolism Diseases

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Dear Health Seeker,

I have a great audio for you to listen to. It's a speech by Dr. Hans Diehl given at the 1999 European Vegetarian Union. In fact, there is a whole list of 45 talks in downloadable format, including talks by Dr. Douglas Graham and Prof. Rozalind Gruben.

Dr. Diehl's, talk is titled "Reversing Diabetes." He also has another great talk called "Reversing Heart Disease." I recommend listening to both of them.

In this talk, you will learn that one of the greatest dangers to developing diabetes is a high fat diet. Did you know that before the discovery of insulin, doctors used to treat diabetics quite successfully with low - fat diets and with fasting?

Here is the link for the talks. Please read below for special directions to be able to listen to them. They are all frëe to download. Most of the speakers are not raw foodists. But there are several raw food lectures as well.

If you want to listen to these audios, you'll have to download the free audio player Winamp . You'll also need to install a special plug-in to play VQF files . This is all explained at audio download site as well.

If you don't want to do this. I've taken the liberty of creating an mp3 version of this talk that you can quickly download and play from your computer's mp3 player like Windows Media Player, Real Player, Winamp, etc. This will make it easier for the more technically challenged of my readers.

Click Here to Download as an MP3 file: Reversing Diabetes

Dr. Diehl talks about several studies run on medical students in which they are fed high fat diets for a period of about a week. I believe he says that within a week 70% of these students will have high enough blood sugar readings to be considered diabetics.

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Here's information from Dr. Joel Fuhrman on this same topic. It's from his wonderful book "Fasting and Eating for Health," pg 129 - 130.

"Fat is the Chief Enemy of the Diabetic

Fat in the diet of the diabetic not only accelerates the disease process but also interferes with the uptake of glucose by the cells, thus further raising the blood glucose level.

Experiments described in the medical literature have tested the effects of high-fat diets on insulin intolerance. In one study, healthy young medical students were fed a very high fat diet (My Notes: I'm wondering how high the exact percentage was and what the carbohydrate levels were.) containing egg yolks, heavy cream, and butter, and within two days all of the students had blood sugar levels high enough to be labeled diabetic. Complex carbohydrates have been shown to have the opposite effect.

Fat in the food we eat prevents the proper utilization of insulin, and more insulin is needed to process the glucose when fats are included in the meal. Additionally, the fat on one's body makes the cells resistant to insulin, and the pancreas must produce more insulin to compensate. This is due not only to the additional insulin demanded by the extra body mass of fat cells, but also to the fact that fat in and around normal tissue, like muscle and internal organs, interferes with insulin uptake into these tissues. The major contributors to fat in the American diet are animal source foods such as meat, fowl, fish and dairy products, as well as cooking and salad oils."

End of quote.

A High-Fat Raw Vegan Diet Is Also Dangerous

Now you might be thinking, well that only has to do with animal fats or cooked fats. I've got news for you. Even if you are eating "raw vegan sources of fat" you will still create abnormally high blood sugar levels on a high fat diet.

I have seen severe health problems happen to many raw foodists. Only to clear up once they went on a low fat, raw diet. The people who are preaching a high fat diet because they are afraid of blood sugar problems, don't seem to realize that high fat levels are much more detrimental to blood sugar levels than the consumption of a lot of fruit with a low fat diet.

Now if you consume a lot of fruit and a lot of fat in your diet, you are headed for a health disaster. The high fat way has to be done with almost no carbohydrates whatsoever. Some people like me could never eat this way because our energy levels get way to low.

The raw, high fat diet is not natural for humans and it causes all sorts of health problems. I've covered this topic in previous newsletter issues. I'm just trying to provide you more evidence of the high fat problem from credible outside sources.

If you want a detailed explanation of why a high fat raw food diet causes these problems and what other problems they cause I highly recommend "The Perfect Health Program," by Dr. Douglas Graham with Frédéric Patenaude interviewing him.

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More on High Fat Problems

You might be surprised to find out that a high - fat diet causes several other health problems as well. It even blocks the absorption of other nutrients in the body. It can lower your absorption of B12.

A high fat diet also lowers the oxygen content in the blood and therefore makes you more prone to cancer and poor health. Your blood pH levels will start to go acidic on an extended high fat diet.

It just isn't healthy or natural. Before the advent of agriculture high fat diets were virtually impossible to attain unless you lived like the Eskimos. And we know these artic regions are not natural for humans to be living in.

This information is very important to know because on average most raw foodists get 65% of their total calories from fat. These are dangerously high levels of fat and can cause health problems in a very short time frame.

Yes I'd prefer to eat more fat on a raw diet. Many tasty raw recipes are high in fat, but I know from my own experience that my health is much better on a low fat raw diet.

Of course, I have found eating low fat to be delicious as well. My coaching and membership website gives you a load of resources at succeeding the low-fat, raw diet way. It includes many quick, easy and delicious low-fat raw recipes, including the recipe book, "Instant Raw Sensations," by Frédéric Patenaude.

Sometimes I'll eat a high fat recipe or two. But I don't do this day in and day out anymore.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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