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Dear Friend,

How are you doing today? I have some great news for you about improving your health and longevity.

Have you been thinking about doing a Caloric Restriction Diet? Maybe you are already following a calorically restricted diet and didn't know it. Virtually anyone on the Optimal Raw Food Diet will be eating fewer calories than someone on a Standard Western Diet and even what I call the Standard or High Fat Raw Food Diet.

I'm going to share with you several reasons why an Optimal Raw Food Diet already is a calorically restricted diet. I'll also show you some tricks to reduce your calorie intake even further if you so wish to do so.

Why is this important? Because in hundreds of animal studies around the world, scientists have proven that reducing caloric intake while providing adequate nutrients, can make animals live up to 50% longer lives with lower disease rates. So far, caloric restriction has been the only technique known to extend the lifespan of all species.

Even humans studied on a calorie-restricted diet showed many signs of health improvement. Here's a quote taken from Life Extension Specialist and raw foodist, Wayne Gendel's website.

"Based upon a widely published study involving humans in a two-year calorie-restricted diet in Biosphere 2, Walford presented the following laboratory results:

- Blood cholesterol decreased from an average of 198 to a range of 120 to 125.
- Triglycerides decreased.
- Glycated hemoglobin decreased.
- Fasting blood sugar decreased.
- Insulin levels decreased to less than 5.
- Blood pressure decreased to 95 over 60

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I Used To Eat Massive Nut Pâtés and 4,200 Calories A Day

Several years ago, when I was eating the high fat or Standard Raw Food Diet I had many days where my daily caloric consumption would reach over 4,200 calories. I made massive nut pâtés with avocado every night. One of my dinner meals alone was often close to 2,000 calories.

Eating too many calories is very easy to do when you eat fatty foods, because they are the highest calorie foods by weight. It's easy to pack on an extra 1,000 calories a day when you binge on raw nuts and seeds.

If you eat an extra 6.4 ounces of raw cashews, you've already eaten an extra thousand calories for the day. For many men this is nothing. In no time most people will be packing on the extra pounds.

Let's compare the calories of 6 ounces of olive oil, cashews, bananas and romaine lettuce. Mind you that bananas are a high calorie fruit compared to say a watermelon or oranges.

6 oz olive oil = 1,500 calories
6 oz cashews = 936 calories
6 oz bananas = 150 calories
6 oz romaine lettuce = 30 calories

That's a 786 calorie difference between cashews and bananas and compared to romaine lettuce, cashews have 906 more calories. Olive oil has 5,000 percent more calories than romaine lettuce and 1,000 percent more calories than bananas.

Now you might be starting to see why a low fat raw food diet is naturally going to be lower in calories. It's simply harder to get more calories because there is only so much room in your stomach. But there is another factor.

High fat foods tend to satisfy the appetite less and you end up eating more calories because of this. Studies have been done to confirm this fact. Fruits as a group, give the highest satisfaction for the least amount of calories consumed. They are highest on the Satiety Index as a group of foods.

Here's a quote from Dr. Susanna Holt who helped to develop the satiety index.

"Fatty foods are not satisfying, even though people expected them to be," says Holt. "We think the reason is that fat is seen by the body as a fuel which should be used only in emergencies—it stores it in the cells instead of breaking it down for immediate use. Because it doesn't recognize the fat as energy for immediate use, the body does not tell the brain to cut hunger signals, so we go on wanting more. Carbohydrates are the opposite—they raise blood glucose so the body knows it has gotten enough fuel."

These days I average about 3,150 calories a day and yet I'm even more physically active and muscular than when I was eating 4,200 calories a day. In fact, as soon as I switched to a low fat raw food diet, my calorie consumption dropped immediately to the lower levels.

Keep in mind I'm 6' 3" tall, muscular and physically active. What you will consume per day might be very different depending on your weight, musculature and activity levels.

What is one of the most empty calorie foods on the planet? It's oil, which is pure fat with no carbohydrates or protein at all. Oil is a staple of people on the Standard Raw Food Diet, which is comprised of at least 25% of calories coming from fat.

Did you know that even first pressed, virgin olive oil has virtually no nutrients besides fat? Oil doesn't even have any enzymes in it.

Oil is a highly refined food, which is why there are almost no nutrients left in oil. Oil is also the highest calorie food by weight. So if you want to get fat quickly, make sure to include plenty of oil in your diet.

If You Are Thin, You're Likely On A Low Calorie Diet

Here's the simplest way to determine if you are consuming a low calorie diet. Are you thin? I noticed that I put on a lot of extra fat when I consumed a lot of raw nuts and seeds. Especially in my legs, butt and around my waist.

If you are quite thin, then it is very likely you are eating a low calorie diet. Even if you feel satiated and full when you eat. I'm not talking about being anorexic or bulimic here, just normal eating.

For men, can you pinch half an inch or less right next to your belly button? For women it should be about an inch or less that you can pinch. Otherwise, you're not as thin as you should be for optimum health.

Most people in North America and Western countries don't even know what thin is. From my perspective, at least 80% of the population in New Jersey, where I live, is overweight.

People compare themselves to others and if everyone around them is heavy, they feel it is normal to be overweight and that they are actually thin. It's laughable. Better to be abnormal but to be thin and healthy.

In study after study, the thinnest people are the healthiest people. On December 26, I sent out an emailed titled, "Why You Must Be Thin To Be Healthy," which scientifically documented many of the health benefits associated with being thin.

Now you can see from two perspectives that either being thin or eating a calorically restricted diet will improve your health. The Optimal Raw Food Diet that I teach is naturally low in calories and yet provides you with all the nutrients you need.

Reasons Why The Optimal Raw Food Diet Is Also A Caloric Restriction Diet

1. Low Fat Content: 15% or less of total calories consumed
2. Oils are not recommended at all. (The Most Fattening Food)
3. The main foods recommend are fruits and vegetables which are the most satiating and nutritious foods. You simply won't need to eat as many calories as on any other diet.

Low calorie, simply means the right amount of calories. Everyone else is basically overeating. So you can eat as much as you feel like and still be on a calorically restricted diet.

For Advanced Raw Foodists: Four Tips To Consuming A Lower Calorie Diet

1. On a weekly basis, consume 15% or less of your total calories coming from fat.

2. Eat mono meals of just one kind of fruit at a time. The less variety the less you are stimulated to overeat.

3. Avoid adding spices to your food. The more spices you add the more you stimulate your taste buds and the more food you end up eating.

4. Avoid complicated recipes. The simpler you eat, the less you will eat.

When you're first going raw, you may not want to follow all of the tips I've given above. I'd encourage you to make recipes and make your raw food as delicious to you as possible.

However, I would not recommend to anyone to eat a high fat raw diet, even in transition. The problem is that negative health problems can develop very quickly from a high fat raw diet.

In fact, I'd recommend first going to a partially cooked and lower fat raw diet, than an all-raw and high fat diet. The high fat raw diet is actually unhealthier than the low fat and partially cooked diet.

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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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