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Below is the reply I made to one of our forum members about overcoming her addiction to coffee. It's interesting to note from her posts how important coffee is to her in her life. It's her belief system that is holding her back.

I never drink coffee anymore and I never ever crave it. Even if I were somehow forced to drink coffee for a month, I'd quickly overcome any physical craving for it because I know how toxic it is and that I've lived 39 years of my life with drinking little to no coffee. I know I don't need it and that it's totally toxic, therefore I believe I'd have an easy time overcoming the addiction.

The same applies to cooked food. If for some reason I re-addicted myself to cooked food, I know I could break the addiction because I've done it many times and I know I've lived 5 years at 100% raw and 10 ten years on a high raw diet.

I know it can be done and I know how to do it, therefore my experiences and belief system would have me back to 100% raw in no time. Read the post below to find out all the details of the techniques I shared with the forum members.


Hi Kathy,

There is no good time to stop drinking coffee. I've heard the same arguments with cooked food. The best time is when you've DECIDED to quit.

I went 100% raw on a trip to Canada. That was just about the worst time to go raw, but I did it.

I was constantly walking around cooked food restaurants and desperately wanting to eat in them, until I learned a mental technique that cut my cravings down by 90% instantly.

Walking through Chinatown and passing by the Thai Food restaurants really killed me at first. I soon realized that the best part of vacations for me was the food I'd be eating. At least that is what I believed at the time.

All I had to do was to stop focusing on missing out on cooked food and instead focus on the benefits of eating raw. To focus on all the exotic and delicious fruit I was able to eat. To focus on how good I would feel and how by eating raw I'd reach a new potential in life, I had never experienced.

As soon as I did that my cravings went down at least 90% in intensity and it was easy to stay raw during my first month transition to 100% raw food eating.

** The Whole Obstacle Is In Your Mind **

The whole obstacle is in your own mind. Once you master the mental journey, you will master coffee.

You know you can live without coffee because you've fasted for so long and didn't have any coffee. Once you stop it completely for a week, you'll see it's fairly easy to be without it.

All you need to do is believe in yourself. Imagine yourself as being really strong. Sometimes I visualize myself as a warrior and I feed off of that strength to help me through changes.

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** Imagine Yourself Having The Mental Strength Of A Navy Seal **

What a Navy Seal goes through to become a Seal is pure torture and takes the absolute highest mental determination. Only the 100% committed can make it through their training. I heard of one Navy Seal training class where only one person actually graduated from the training because it was so intense.

For a Seal, giving up coffee would be the easiest part of his training. So maybe you can be a Navy Seal in your imagination. You might pick a different kind of hero. Something that works for you.

The key is to feel that strength of character and let it infuse into your own consciousness. When this happens, saying no to coffee will actually be easy.

You are what you believe, coffee has only the power you give it. Let me give you a great quote that is relevant here. Please study it and contemplate its meaning for I believe if you understand it, you can free yourself of the mental addiction.

** Awakened Imagination **

It's from the great book, Awakened Imagination by Neville Goddard. Pg 14 and 15, 1954.

"The world presents different appearances according as our states of consciousness differ. What we see when we are identified with a state cannot be seen when we are no longer fused with it.

By state is meant all that man believes and consents to as true. No idea presented to the mind can realize itself unless the mind accepts it. It depends on the acceptance, the state with which we are identified, how things present themselves.

In the fusion of imagination and states is to be found the shaping of the world as it seems. The world is a revelation of the states with which imagination is fused. It is the state from which we think that determines the objective world in which we live.

The rich man, the poor man, the good man, the thief are what they are by virtue of the states from which they view the world. On the distinction between these states depends the distinction between the worlds of these men.

Individually so different is this same world. It is not the actions and behavior of the good man that should be matched but his point of view. Outer reforms are useless if the inner state is not changed. Success is gained not by imitating the outer actions of the successful but by right inner actions and inner talking.

If we detach ourselves from a state, and we may at any moment, the conditions and circumstances to which that union gave being vanish."

Note: I broke up a very long paragraph into five paragraphs or so for easier reading.

Your addiction to coffee and cooked food or anything else is nothing more than a state of consciousness. If you step into a new state of consciousness that doesn't accept this addiction you'll be over it. But you have to mentally step out of that belief system which tells you that you can't be happy without drinking coffee.

Imagine what life is like for us who don't drink coffee. We are in a different state of consciousness, we don't ever think about drinking coffee. Contemplate that. Put your consciousness in my body in your imagination and see what it feels like to not need or want the coffee.

If you have steely determination, you'll realize at most you have to make it through a week. But as you are making it through this week, remember to take it one moment at a time. Each moment you can make it over the addiction and use all the tools I've given you to go 100% raw. It's all the same, it's just another addiction.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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