“Former Gluttonous Buffet Molestor and Raw Foodist for 10+ Years Shows You the Easy Way to Beat Cooked Food Cravings Without Willpower”

From: Roger Haeske - Radiant Health Coach

Dear Friend,

If you've been searching for the "Geatest Secret In History" for superior health, effortless weight loss, regaining the vitality, joy and enthusiasm of a seven year old child and to unleash your natural peak performance power on all levels, then look no further.

Fully focus your mind, think and digest what I'm going to reveal to you today. Allow no interruptions. For this information may be the turning point in your life. Mark this day down in your journal or calendar.

Why? Because you're about to finally uncover the easy way to succeed with the ultimate diet in the world, the Raw Food Diet and stay on it, without struggle and without willpower.

Once you 'go raw' so-to-speak and stay raw, your life will rapidly transform, to one of pure energy, joy and disease free living. There is no other diet on the planet that can even compare to the Optimal Raw Food Diet in terms of improving your life on every level.

This is because the Optimal Raw Food Diet is the only natural (or native to human) diet on the planet. It's what we're designed to eat and what allows us reach our full potential by unlocking the health and performance stealing handcuffs of cooked food.


The updated, expanded (by 40 pages) and revised version of
Think and Go Raw



Can You Find The Raw Food Success Secrets Revealed In This Letter?

There are several very powerful strategies for overcoming addiction of any kind, including cooked-food, hidden in this letter to you. They'll be obvious once you have the awareness to recognize them. But you'll have to try to find them on your own because I didn't emphasize these ideas.

Certainly after you read "Think and Go Raw," you'll be able to recognize the strategies I've secretly imbedded here. When your mind is prepared, these techniques will stand out to you, as if they were in bold text and had yellow highlighter all over them.

Is It Really Possible For You To Prefer Going Hungry -- Than To Eat Cooked Food? An Absolute, Resounding YES!

Right after my first year of being 100% raw, I had a revealing dream. In this dream, for some reason unknown to me (you know how dreams are) I moved in with my father. He was also supporting me financially. It was like I was an adult little kid.

One day I did something wrong or at least something that my father felt was wrong. He decided to punish me. You'll never guess what the punishment was. His punishment was to force me to eat cooked food for a week.

Why A Former Reward Can Be A Punishment

When I lived with my father as a child, this wouldn't have been a punishment but a reward. Back then the punishment would have been being forced to eat only raw food for a week. Things have a way of changing, when you understand the motivational secrets in "Think and Go Raw."

As soon as I heard my father's punishment I went into a rage and said no way. I'd rather move out and live on the streets than to eat cooked food. I grabbed my stuff and left.

This dream was a turning point for me. I knew at that point that I really wanted to be a raw foodist and that no one was going to stop me. The dream mirrored exactly how I felt in real life.

Former Cooked Food Addict... Hates Cooked Food

Keep in mind, the year before I was still eating cooked food just about every day. I must say that I loved cooked food and I was definitely a cooked food addict.

In fact, I used to eat out almost every day. I loved Thai, Chinese and other Asians Cuisines. I went out to eat very spicy Thai food at least once a week with my friends. Actually, I just love food and it could be just about any kind or ethnicity.

So what I teach you in "Think and Go Raw," will help you because going raw was not easy for me until I learned the secrets to success.

Going Raw Was Not Easy For Me Until I learned The Secrets To Success

I was definitely a cooked food addict. But I can tell you that these days the thought of eating cooked food repels me.

It's not so much the taste or the smell of the cooked food, (although some smells that I used to enjoy like coffee, disgust me now) but knowing that by eating cooked food, I'll ruin my natural high. Not only that, I'll start getting depression again and arthritis like I had in my mid twenties.

Look At The Amazing Life You're Missing Out On, By Being A Stubborn Cooked Foodist

Actually, if I keep on eating cooked; many more negative things start to happen to me. I almost immediately will have my gums swell, I'll start getting infections in my mouth and I'll start getting colds again.

How do I know this? Because I went 100% raw and back to cooked food over 10 times and the same things always started happening.

Oh I forgot, then there's the mental fog after a meal and what about the laziness that I experience after eating cooked food? Then my sinuses will get clogged immediately and the happiness-producing , natural deep breathing I'm used to, will be gone. All the mucus that my body removed from my lungs will be put back. I won't be as energetic or good at sports.

Oh yah, I just remembered another thing that used to happen to me when I ate cooked food. I'd get really mad at the smallest thing and let it bother me for days. After going raw, if I get angry it usually doesn't last for more than a few seconds.

In my mind, the flavor of cooked food isn't worth all the negative consequences. The only good part of cooked food is when it's in your mouth, after that it's a total, life-destroying, disaster.

It's like eating poison

In fact, cooked food is poison to the human body.

Why bring back all that pain in my life. It's not worth it. If you're eating cooked food now and never went raw, you simply don't know how you've been crippling yourself and destroying your health, emotional stability and ability to perform at high levels.

Raw food tastes great and it has a tingling and alive vibration that dead, cooked food, never has. It's the difference between fresh squeezed orange juice, versus pastuerized orange juice. There's no comparison, the fresh squeezed tastes much better but it also has a tingly vibration that lifts up your spirits.

That vibration, what I call the happiness vibration, gets passed on to the person who eats the raw food. Raw food gives pure happiness and cooked food gives you hell.

Who Would Knowingly Eat A Poison That Puts Them In Hell?

Well actually, a lot of people would. It all depends on the severity of the poison and some people would rather die by slow poison rather than give up their addiction to alcohol, smoking, drugs and even cooked food.

That's how strong the addiction is. People willing to give up their life and their families so that they could continue their addictive behavior.

I know someone willing to have arthritis, asthma, heart disease, obesity, being in severe pain every day and barely able to walk all because she refuses to eat a raw food diet. She knows it would be good for her, but she also believes that it would be impossible for her to go raw.

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." Henry Ford

You are what you believe. The only thing she lacks is an open mind and the right tools to make it possible. I can't open your mind, but I can give you the tools you need to make it as easy as possible to experience the life changing benefits of the raw food diet.

I've been studying self-improvement, spirituality and peak performance strategies for over 24 years. I'm an expert on changing myself. I've made so many improvements and changes in my own life and I can show you how easy it is to do that as well once you posses the raw food success principles in Think and Go Raw.

I've been successfully coaching people to go 100% raw for over 5 years now. I deal with the cooked food mindset every single day. I know what it takes to succeed. With the right mental tools in "Think and Go Raw," you'll finally be able to go raw, stay raw and love every minute of it.

It's not a magic formula. It doesn't work, if you don't actually use what I'm teaching you. But if you actually use these concepts, going raw will be a cinch. Reading is not enough, you must do.

Addiction Is An Illusion That Doesn't Really Exist

Addiction however is an illusion. It's not really there. It's just a belief system, an emotion that you feel when you think about never again eating your favorite cooked food or being able to smoke cigarettes.

The funny thing is that I have zero desire to smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs. To me the addiction to these things is the illusion. I don't understand why people can't get themselves to stop hurting themselves.

But that's because I was never addicted to these substances in the first place. They have no pull over me whatsoever. And that is the illusion of addiction. Only the addicted can feel their own addiction. To them it's overpowering reality.

Put On The Head Of A Successful Raw Foodist To See How Easy It Is To Go Raw

But if they could step out of their minds and belief systems and into the mind of someone who isn't addicted to cooked food, they would know what it feels like and would see the light at the end of the tunnel. This knew knowingness would give them the courage to succeed.

They would instantly know that it's quite possible and in fact supremely preferable, to stay 100% raw. There are so many amazing benefits to going raw, that once you have them, you don't ever want to give them up.

Who wants to give up a natural high or feeling the vitality and energy a young child enjoys.

Who wants  to give up peak performance on the physical, emotional and mental levels? Going raw feels fantastic and not being raw feels horrible in comparison.

When you know, from your own experience, how good you feel and how you actually love eating raw food, then cooked food will hold no attraction for you whatsoever.

Raw Foodists Go To Great Lengths To Stay Raw

I have a raw food friend who gets disgusted at the thought of eating cooked food. It totally repels him. This has been true for him for many years. He's now been 100% raw for over 8 years.

He travels a lot in his work. Some days he's very busy and doesn't bring any food with him or can't find any available. So does he cave in to eating cooked food to fill his belly? No, he simply waits to eat after work is over.

An interesting side benefit of going raw is that you can go much longer periods without eating food and without feeling uncomfortable. Doing a fast is much easier as well. Everything tends to be easier.

What is "disease" but the "lack of ease"?

Staying Raw While Traveling

I took a recent plane trip out to the West Coast. I didn't eat anything or even drink water on the over 5-hour plane flight. Then when I landed, I had to rent a car and drive over five hours to get to my father's house.

All told, I traveled for over 12 hours without eating any food. I could have had all sorts of cooked food, but I preferred to stay raw and not eating wasn't really such a big deal. In fact, once out of the plane I could have stopped anywhere to get fruit, but I was in a hurry to get to my destination, so I chose not to eat until I got there. I did all this with only 2 hours of sleep the night before.

Thousands of experienced raw foodists will do the same thing when they face similar circumstances. They'd rather go hungry for a day or two than to eat cooked food.

You too can have this mindset. Once you're raw for over 30 days, staying raw will be easy for you. The longer you stay raw the easier it gets. You don't have to try to stay raw anymore.

You Won't Have To Try To Stay Raw

The hardest part of going raw is the first day, then the first week and then the first month. After that it's fairly easy if you are doing the diet in a sustainable way. With what I'm about to show you, even the first week will be easy for you.

In "Think and Go Raw," you'll learn a powerful strategy to instantly reduce cravings for cooked food by at least 90%. You can learn this strategy in about a minute or two. Then in less than 20 seconds it will start working for you. If you remember to use it, the temptation to eat cooked food will be dramatically lower.

Once you know this quick and easy mental strategy, going through the first month raw will be as simple as pie. But that's only one of the 33 strategies.

The more strategies you learn, and actually use, the easier it will be to stay raw. Don't just read them, use them and you'll see they are indeed, very powerful. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of some of these techniques, just because they are simple doesn't mean they don't work.

These Are Time Tested Psychological Laws That Work Every Time

They will work and they must work. They work by natural law and they work every time you use them. If you use my strategies at the point of highest temptation they will work for you, I guarantee it.

Below you'll find a list of just a few of the life-changing benefits of Think and Go Raw. In fact, I've included several powerful, extra techniques, beyond the initial 33, that I don't even mention here, but that I've been using successfully with my coaching clients and members of HowToGoRaw.com.

Think and Go Raw Benefits
Going & Staying 100% Raw Is Easier Than Ever Before!

Use this hidden mental control switch and cooked food addiction will be a thing of the past.
(Tip # 3)

Do this two minutes a day and watch how easy it is, to stay raw. This works for any diet or goal you're trying to achieve.
(Tip # 4)

The secret "mindset" you must have to crush cooked food cravings and stay 100% raw without willpower.
(Tip # 33)

Use this card as your secret weapon when you crave cooked food.
(Tip # 5)

How I reduced my voracious desire for Thai food by 90% in just 20 seconds. I re-discovered this motivational principle in the first week of going 100% raw. After I started using this idea, staying 100% raw got much easier.
(Tip # 6)

Say this four-word phrase daily and eating cooked food will seem like a punishment instead of a reward.
(Tip # 7)

Discover an "incredibly obvious" but almost unknown way to stop cooked food cravings. Nine out of ten new raw foodists never figure this out on their own.
(Tip # 9)

The surprising thing that happens to the taste of cooked food when you employ this technique.
(Tip # 13)

The one thing you absolutely can't do if you want to succeed at staying raw. New raw foodists make this mistake over and over again. Save yourself the frustration and years of wasted time. Trust me on this one.
(Tip # 15)

How the saying, "Misery loves company," applies to overcoming the physical aspect of cooked food addiction.
(Tip # 16)

Going raw is easy when you see the world from this perspective.
(Tip # 17)



100% Money Back Guarantee

You're my customer and if you're not happy, it looks bad for me. So if you're not happy with what you discover from Think and Go Raw in the next 30-days, then I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).

But... the e-book is yours to keep no matter what,
as a "thank you" gift from me!

Okay? So you really can't lose! The e-book's yours no matter what.


Proof My Strategies Work

Don't take my word for it... Listen to what some of my raw food coaching clients are saying. You can see many more testimonials here.

"For the last two and a half months, I have been 100% raw, and the best news is that it has been easy!"

It sounds corny, but joining Roger Haeske's "How to Go Raw" has literally changed my life, for the better. I became convinced 5 years ago that a raw vegan diet was the only way to go. But for various reasons it was not easy for me to stick at being 100% raw.

I felt I should have been able to do it and I was constantly disappointed in myself and going through an inner struggle with wanting to be raw and not managing it.

A friend suggested I look to the internet for support and I joined Roger's membership site. Since then, for the last two and a half months, I have been 100% raw, and the best news is that it has been easy!

Somehow the discipline of reporting in, joining a bunch of other people who were encountering the same issues as me, getting support and encouragement from the people on the forum and from Roger made it seem easy.

Roger's motivational approach has helped me banish moments of weakness plus I have learnt so much from the constant flow of information provided. I recommend this site to anyone who is struggling to become 100% raw.




"The First Two Weeks I Lost 10 Pounds And Found I Had So Much Energy That I Felt 10 Years Younger"

I wish to express my pleasure with Roger Haeske when he coached me how to think and go raw. The first two weeks I lost 10 pounds and found I had so much energy that I felt 10 years younger while I was doing inline skating at my local park.

M. Dugan
Wilmington, Delaware


"You were the missing link to where I was and my success."

I've been 100% raw ever since we had our last telephone coaching session and I'm doing great. I found that I pretty much eat greens at every other meal...so 50% of my meals - MOST of the time (not 50% of my calories - this is an easy way for me since I don't like counting calories). Sometimes, maybe 2 times a week, I'll eat 2 or even (at the most) 3 fruit meals in a row...then I'll get right back on greens.

Anyways, thanks so much. I look forward to my life as a mono sequential raw foodist and towards anything that comes up in our paths. So I just wanted to give you an update and a thanks. You were the missing link to where I was and my success.


Think and Go Raw might just be the breakthrough you need to succeed at staying 100% raw.

This downloadable ebook comes in PDF format. Nothing will be shipped to you, this is a digital product, it's not printed on paper.

Less than 2 minutes from now, you can be learning the simple secrets to Raw Food Diet Success.

You'll need the free Adobe viewer to be able to view these files. You can download a free PDF viewer from the link below. Most computer systems are capable of reading PDF files including Windows and Macintosh.

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I want you to succeed and thrive with the Raw Food Diet. Think and Go Raw is the motivational tool you need to succeed. Going raw is much easier than you may have ever believed possible.

Do you want to know the proof behind my statement? It's quite simple really. There are thousands of people who have been raw now for many years. Do you think any of them could have stayed raw if they had to use constant willpower to stay raw?

There's no way. Willpower might last you a week or maybe even a month, but eventually desire kicks in. The changes you make must go beyond willpower if they are to take hold.

These days I love being raw and don't think twice about eating cooked food. Staying raw is effortless now. I wish I had known the ideas I share with you in Think and Go Raw in 1996 when I first attempted the raw food diet. I could have saved myself five years of trial and error.

Consider saving yourself needless years of struggle and frustration in succeeding with going raw. Now there's an easy way, all you have to do is to Think the right thoughts and then Go Raw.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,

Roger Haeske

P.S. If you've been searching for the secret to going raw, staying raw and loving it, then you need look no further. Take action instead and click on the red "order now" button below. You'll unleash my 33 strategies to crush cooked food addiction permanently!

P.P.S. I've put in over 24 years of research into this invaluable manuscript. I've dedicated thousands of hours of study and practice to develop these transformational principles for you. I've also gone to over 100 seminars and lectures and spent thousands of dollars on audios, videos and books to learn what I'm sharing with you in Think and Go Raw. There's no other raw food book out there that teaches everything I teach in it.

I only share with you the best ideas, not the ones I wasted my time on. You get the cream of the crop. You get the ideas that are simple to understand, quick to start using and that produce powerful results. Some of the techniques are my own and some have been adapted from the great self-help teachers of the past and present.

P.P.P.S. Remember you have 30-days to give the program a try and if you don't like it, you can request a full money back refund. However, I know these powerful motivational and dietary strategies work and they work every single time. But you're covered either way.

Why reinvent the wheel and spend years trying to figure out how to go raw successfully? Everything you need to make it easy for you to go raw and stay raw with pleasure is here for you today.

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