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"The Atkins Version of The Raw Food Diet"

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Are you being deceived by bad raw food nutrition advice?

Did you know there is a Dr. Atkins version of the Raw Food Diet? In today's issue, I'll show you what it is. You'll also learn what the term Low GI Diet is really a code word for and what they are hiding about their diet.

You can learn about all the deception and poor nutritional advice below.

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The Atkins Version of the Raw Food Diet

This article is taken from a series of posts on my raw food coaching and support website


Kathy ,

I've been thinking about your post and it stirred a lot of things up in me. I hate people being deceived as they are with nutrition. You are clearly being deceived and so are thousands of other raw foodists. I'm going to clear things up right here and now.

I have several very powerful points to say here and I challenge anyone to disprove me. I challenge any diet guru, etc.

In a recent article, I already established that there is no such thing as a vegan and high protein raw food diet. Especially if you are eating whole foods as found in nature.

Once a food has been refined, like hemp protein, that doesn't count. You don't find hemp protein growing in nature, you find hemp seeds. Therefore it can't be considered a natural food.

For more information, you can review my controversial article.

The easiest way to break down and compare diets in a meaningful way is by comparing macronutrient percentages. A macronutrient is any type of food that contains calories.

Water would not count as a macronutrient. It's important, however it doesn't provide any fuel or calories, therefore it can't be classified as a macronutrient. Micronutrients are things like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, etc. They are very small in the diet but extremely important as well.

Here are the three main macronutrients:


Alcohol also contains calories, but we obviously won't count that as a food to consume.

On a whole foods, raw vegan diet, there simply is no high protein version of it that could work or could be affordable. Unless you want to eat a diet of 100% Spirulina at a cost of $183 per day.

Let's limit our choice of foods to only foods that could be found in our natural habitat. Our natural habitat would have to be one in which we wouldn't need clothing, tools or weapons. We weren't born into this world with any of these.

The first humans would have had to survive without clothing, weapons and sophisticated tools. They would have to live in a tropical environment; any other place would be too cold for humans to survive without clothing on a year round basis.

Therefore, all of our foods choices for a NATURAL DIET would have to be from an area such as this. A good place to look would be anywhere chimpanzees or bonobos live. They are the closest to us in DNA and digestive structure out of any animals on the planet.

Since the highest we'd g et on a whole food, raw vegan diet, from our natural habitat is at most 15% of calories from protein, then protein will never predominate in the diet. In all well rounded whole food diets, protein will range from 7% to 20% of calories and no more. Unless of course you severely limit carbohydrates and eat meat like on an Atkins Diet.

This only leaves us with carbohydrates and fats as the predominating macronutrients in a raw vegan diet.

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Low Glycemic Index Diet is Code Word for a High Fat Diet:

Realize when any raw foodist says they follow a low GI diet it's a code word for a High Fat Diet. This is because on a very low Glycemic Diet you simply couldn't get enough carbohydrates, for it to be a high carbohydrate diet.

One simply can't do a low glycemic raw diet an d g et enough calories from carbohydrates. A low glycemic diet consists of ultra - low - calorie foods like cucumbers, celery, greens and maybe small quantities of grapefruit.

Some sprouted beans might fit in there as well but most people simply couldn't eat a diet with sprouted beans as the staple. There is too much gas and indigestion caused by raw beans to make it feasible.

Most people couldn't get enough calories from these low GI foods alone. We need to realistically be able to consume 2,000 to 3,000 calories or more depending on the activity level and size of the individual.

Therefore, people following these Low Glycemic Index Diets would be forced to eat fatty foods like nuts, seeds and avocados to get enough calories. This is what makes these low GI Diets actually High Fat Diets.

Did you know that according to the Glycemic Index chart in the book "The New Glucose Revolution," that bananas are considered a low Glycemic Index food? Most fruits fall into their low Glycemic Index. So it's all a matter of perspective.

But these low GI diets like what the book "Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine," recommends, always end up being high fat diets and high insulin response diets. Excess fat in the diet causes much more in the way of blood sugar problems than fruit ever will.

Ninety five % of the recipes in that book are very high fat. Therefore, you're good on the Glycemic Index (GI) and bad in so many other more important nutrition factors.

When you add up all the numbers of the foods consumed, the fat calories will be at least 50% of the calories, with carbohydrates around 40% and protein around 10%. Fat numbers can actually be much higher than that, I just gave a low - end estimate for these low GI, raw food diets.

Remember Low GI Diet is a code word for a High Fat Diet . No one wants to admit they eat a high fat diet, but they do. They don't want to tell you it is high fat, but that's what it really is.

Most people eating these diets don't even realize they are high in fat. Just ask them what they eat in a typical day, enter it into and you'll see that it's really a high fat diet. It has to be if you're severely limiting fruit.

I've seen this repeatedly. People claim they eat very little fruit and lots of greens. They never mention all the fatty foods they eat. They always say they eat mostly salads.

Once you add up the caloric numbers you start seeing that 60% or more of their calories actually come from fat like nut and seed pates, dehydrated crackers, avocados, and oils. These are the things they put in their salads that give them any calories.

The GI Is Not The Most Important Factor In Nutrition:

The GI isn't the be all, end all factor determining what you should eat anyway. Who says it's so important? This is another example of nutrition propaganda.

What about the amount of fuel in a food? Carbohydrates are the ideal fuel for humans. All cells in the human body run on carbohydrates and some cells in the body can only be fueled by carbohydrates. Fat and protein are much less efficient fuels.

Fruits are the most nutritious source of fuel a human could eat. Veggies are nutritious but humans can't be fueled by raw vegetables. We'd simply never get enough calories over the long haul. Hence the problem with Low GI Raw Food Diets.

Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, phytonutrients and more. I don't know of a more nutritious source of carbohydrates than raw fruits. Grains don't even come close.

Fruits are also the lowest toxin foods on the planet. Fruits give the most fuel and the least energy expenditure, to process that fuel. All of these facts are never considered if you try to limit your diet to only low GI foods.

The Glycemic Index is only focusing on one aspect of nutrition. You can't base your whole diet on that alone. In addition, different people react differently to different foods. The Glycemic Index is only an approximation. It is a tool, but you don't base a whole diet on that one tool.

Now keep in mind that the longest lived and healthiest cultures all consume a high carbohydrate diet. The foods in their diet are low to middle on the GI. The long - lived Okinawan's consume 60 to 70% carbohydrates. They are officially the longest - lived culture on the planet.

The Chinese consume a high carbohydrate diet as well and yet they are much healthier and skinnier than Americans are. Their diet and the Okinawan Diet are both higher GI diets than the Optimal Raw Food Diet is. So where is there a problem? I don't see it.

The whole high - protein diet group (like Atkins, etc.) makes people believe that just about any carbohydrates are going to make you fat. That just isn't true.

Overall, the Chinese diet is much lower in fat and protein than here in the US . For more detailed information on the Chinese Diet I recommend you read "The China Study."

I don't know of any high fat diet cultures that have a long life expectancy and super health. Certainly not the Eskimos, who ate their traditional diets. They had an average lifespan of 39 years and horrible osteoporosis.

So realize it's either high carbohydrates or high fat in terms of caloric choices while eating whole, raw vegan foods. Or as Dr. Graham so aptly put it, fruit or fat.

Of course, you can have middle quantities of fat and carbohydrates. I can tell you that a diet with a lot of fruit and lot of fat is a sure way to bad health quickly. I know from personal experience and that of my raw coaching clients and friends.

A high fat diet is completely unnatural and undoable in nature. It causes all sorts of health problems. In the interview I did with Dr. Tim Trader he goes into detail about this.

Therefore, the only safe choice is a high carbohydrate diet with the best source of carbohydrates on the planet, which is fruit. Remember that in raw food circles a Low Glycemic Diet is the code word for a High Fat Diet .

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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