"How To Harness Your Infinite Power and Live With Passion: Disney World Is Boring Compared To This Power!"

Dear {FIRSTNAME Friend},

  • What is the most valuable thing you can posses?
  • What, if you had it, would give you the most satisfaction and enjoyment out of life?
  • What power would drive and motivate you to have a burning desire to take action?
  • What force is more important than any person in your life? And how it can help you to instantly become independent and free of harmful relationships.
  • Where is this dynamic substance and how can you get it?

I can tell you right off the bat that it isn't money. But this substance can bring you money if you so choose.

There is nothing wrong with money at all, it simply can't change the way you FEEL. Everyone should have all the money they need or desire as we live in an abundant Universe.

Why do most people want to be rich, to acquire external things or to travel around the world? Why do we want to improve our lives?

In the final analysis, it's to change how we FEEL about ourselves. It has nothing directly to do with these outer things.

Once we've met our physical needs for health, food, clothing, and shelter, the only other important thing is to change how we FEEL inside.

What good does having millions of dollars do for you if you FEEL suicidal? And yes even very wealthy and famous people commit suicide and experience depression. What about Elvis, or John Belushi and countless other rich and famous people who have either consciously committed suicide or have done so through the use of drugs and alcohol?

What good is all that money if you are bored with life? Again boredom and feeling suicidal are FEELINGS.

Money, material possessions and other people (even your loved ones) can't bring you happiness and purpose in life. There is only one power that can give you all of these things.

You are in complete control of utilizing this power or not. You can increase or decrease the flow of this power in your life. But rest assured, the power is really inside of you.

In fact, that is incorrect or misleading: You are the power!!

Now it's one thing to control your feelings and emotions, which is important and quite another thing to live in the consciousness of this immense power.

To get the highest level of satisfaction, power and meaning in life you must serve and live in this power. Even improving the world through some noble cause like teaching people about raw food, saving the environment, bringing down the drug and medical monopoly or through politics, does not necessarily mean you are serving and living in this power.

There is no material thing on Earth that can give you this power.

How To Get This Power Today

You have immediate access to this power. You can live a life filled with purpose, power and true meaning, starting today. You can learn how to tap into this amazingly powerful force.

When you first feel this power, you'll be a new being, you're life will have a new purpose. Maybe you've already experienced this power in your life, maybe you haven't. But you can experience it and learn how to serve it, starting today.

And if you have experienced it before, it doesn't mean that you will have it automatically in your life. You must earn this consciousness, power and force of good on a moment-to-moment basis.

There are certain rules you must follow to attain this lofty plane of power and happiness. More on that a bit later.

I know I've forgotten about this power more than I have remembered it. My first discovery of this power probably came as a teenager during meditation. But it wasn't unleashed in me until the summer of 1987. The day I discovered that power, I was a completely different person and with different values and goals than the day before.

My contact with that power is why I started Superbeing.com and why I teach people about raw food, fitness and self-improvement. We are all Superbeings or Divine Beings with vast powers that most of us have barely tapped into.

Once you tune into this power, people will be able to feel it in you. Especially people who have developed their intuition or psychic senses. In fact, you might be feeling this power, from me, simply by reading this article. This power gets transferred to the written word and has the power to start awakening that power within you, if you let it.

I have a close friend who can sense when anyone is tuned into this power. I can sense it as well. When this happens, the vibration of the room changes, the person's aura becomes a bright color and expands in size.

You also tend to feel great and become spiritually uplifted in the presence of such people. It rubs off on the people who are closest to it.

I remember going to the Metropolitan Museum with my friend and we went into this special and large display of paintings by the famous Spanish painter El Greco. My friend noticed that some of the rooms had a very powerful spiritual force emanating from them. Once she made me aware of this, I also noticed it. The vibrations changed from room to room and each time we went back into a certain room, we felt those same vibrations again.

How To Feel Vibrations

You too can learn to feel vibrations. The key is to simply be aware of vibrations. Each time you are around different people, see what you can feel. What kind of vibration do they give off?

Haven't you ever been around people that just make you happy? Their positive presence alone seems to uplift you. That is feeling their vibrations.

I believe El Greco had tuned into this Divine Power and infused his paintings with it. He was deeply religious. You can learn more about him at this link.


What You Need To Do

1. You need to discover who and what you really are.

I did this once in college and got an answer surprisingly quickly. I was in a deep debate with some friends of mine. One friend asked me to tell him exactly what I thought I was, since I was claiming that I wasn't my physical body.

I just thought of this question: What is the real me? What am I?

Just think about and attempt to answer those questions to yourself for about 20 minutes. If you want you can write down any ideas that come to mind or you can just seriously contemplate it.

You might be surprised by the answer you come up with.

2. Practice the Presence of God: It doesn't matter what you religion, you can simply put your attention on God as much as possible throughout your day.

If you don't believe in God or if you don't know if you believe in God, then you can put your attention on the feeling of giving love.

Remember I told you there were certain rules. The main rule is that you have to have your attention on something divine or on God or Spirit.

You pay for this power through your attention. If you remove your attention from love or God, you gradually lose your attunement to this power.
You must also act in accordance with the principle of Divine Love and giving. The more Divine Love you give the more Divine Love you can receive. You get the most happiness and joy by giving this magical inner force to your surroundings.

I've written an article that will give you more specifics about this at this link.


Why I mentioned Disney World

Many years ago, I went to one of many spiritual seminars that I had attended as part of my spiritual path. This seminar happened to be in Orlando, Florida, right near Disney World or the Magic Kingdom.

I had the choice to go to Disney World all the time. But I much preferred to be at the seminar. When you have a group of people all focusing on Divine Love and God it is really the most amazing feeling you can imagine. Just about everyone is very happy and it becomes very easy to tune in spiritually.

At the end of the seminar a bunch of us got together and we went into Disney World. I couldn't believe how boring Disney World was compared to being at that seminar. Disney World was much more entertaining to the outer senses but it didn't do anything for us inwardly.

We brought much of that power with us. But the spiritual vibration of Disney World was much lower than what we had at our seminar. Most of the people there were not focused on giving Divine Love, they were focused on material things. Therefore Disney World was not as powerful a spiritual force as our seminar was.

The key is where you focus your attention. No matter what job you are doing, you can do it as a service of love to the divine. Even if you're in prison or cleaning gutters, nothing can stop you positively influencing the world around you by focusing on the Divine.

The only thing that ever stopped me was experiencing depression

When I went through depression, for some reason I had a very hard time tuning into this Divine Presence. In fact, I had to focus my attention on God all throughout the day, just to survive the day. I didn't really feel the power I used to feel. It was as if a black veil blinded my spiritual senses. I lived in fear, darkness, despair and loneliness for many years.

It was eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables that immediately lifted my depression after 6.5 years of hell. Eating raw allows me to tune in to this spiritual power almost effortlessly. This is one of the many benefits of eating raw.

Eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet is a powerful step in unleashing the Superbeing within. If you need help in learning how to go raw, or how to optimize your raw food diet, you might consider joining my member's only coaching website.


Another potent resource that will help you tune into your power and teach you how to attract your desires is at this link.


Remember, you can become a new and more powerful person, right now, today.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske