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I Wouldn't Be 100% Raw Without His Help

Learn what He Taught Me -- that Blew-Away, all my Doubts about Raw Foods

Let me introduce you, to whom I consider, my Raw Food Father. Without this man, I wouldn't be emailing you today or any day, about doing a raw food diet. Before I was introduced to him, I knew about a raw food diet, but I wasn't succeeding at it.


I could never stay raw for the long-term. I always ended up doing something wrong, or I misunderstood what was happening during my initial detoxification phase. I was also very confused by all the conflicting information there was out there, on the raw food diet.


I read extensively and I got to the point where I was scared to eat fruit. I had so many different theories in my head, that it was hard to stick to any one way of eating raw.


I'd stay 100% raw for a couple of months and then backslide to eating cooked food.


Then one day my raw food mentor and friend told me that Dr. Douglas Graham was coming to NYC to speak and that I should definitely see him. After hearing that amazing lecture, I was certain that I could finally succeed at going 100% raw.



Health and Fitness Week - 2005 - Cedar Springs Renewal Center


Keep in mind that I had heard many prominent raw food speakers before. But they just didn't have the answers that I needed.


I had been trying to stay 100% raw for the last five years, without success. I tried and failed at least five times. I eventually got to the point when I stabilized at being all-raw during the day and my dinners were cooked food.


Even getting to that point was difficult. My health was much improved at about 75% raw. But nothing could compare to how I felt after finally switching to 100% raw.


You can never fully detoxify or overcome your addiction to cooked food, if you are still eating it. The health results are 10 times better when you switch to 100% raw.


I remember after a month of being 100% raw, writing Dr. Graham a glowing letter. So many things in my life had improved. I had much more energy, I could stand long hours without getting tired like I used to.


I could finally jog without having to open my mouth to breathe. My lungs cleared out all the mucus that used to be stored inside of them. For the first time in my life, breathing became very pleasurable, like an all day meditation.


There were many other things that happened as well. I'd say on of the key things that happened to me was a sense of calmness and a deep level of happiness. I call it happiness from the cellular level.


I no longer need a reason to be happy. I just feel that way 99% of the time. Even when I cry, I'm happy these days. Sounds strange but it's true. I can fully experience my emotions and enjoy them.


Fear does not have a hold over me like it did during my 6.5 years of depression. Switching to a 50% raw food diet immediately lifted my depression. Going 100% raw put me into a heavenly state of happiness. There is no comparison of how much better you'll feel going 100% raw.


I highly recommend reading this book. Great for anyone, not just athletes.

 Nutrition and Athletic Performance



What is the main mistake that most new raw foodists make?
The main thing he taught me at the first lecture was that I was under-eating calorie wise. I wasn't eating enough fruit.


I thought I was eating loads of fruit and vegetables but when I analyzed the number of calories I was eating, I quickly realized that I didn't eat nearly as much as in my cooked food days.


No wonder I was always hungry, had less energy, and was losing weight like crazy. The key was to start incorporating more of the dense fruit like bananas so that I could comfortably consume enough calories.


I was afraid of eating bananas because I was falsely told that the bananas we eat have been hybridized by man and that is why they don't have seeds in them. This is completely false and Dr. Graham dispelled that myth for me.


Bananas grow seedless in the wild:

According to Dr. Graham few if any Americans have ever eaten a banana that has been hybridized by man.


I attended another lecture by Dr. Graham a few nights later. That one blew my mind away as well. He spoke about all the controversial issues in the raw food community. I couldn't believe how much I learned.


Those two lectures blew away all my misunderstandings and all the myths that are commonly but falsely believed in the wider raw food community.


Doug is a polished speaker, he communicates the raw food message very well to new people or experienced raw foodists. He makes everything easy to understand and logical.


I highly recommend you see him speak, read his books, watch his videos or attend his Health and Fitness Week.


What is the best Raw Food Vacation?


I've recorded an interview with Ken Lyle about Dr. Graham and the amazing things you can expect to experience at the Health and Fitness Week. If you want an fun and educational experience, this is the best raw food vacation you can possibly take.


Ken went to his first camp in 2001, and loved it so much he decided to work for Doug and help him to spread his raw food message to the world. In only one week, Ken lost 20 pounds and learned how to juggle, hold a handstand and do trampoline stunts.


That was also his first experience at going 100% raw. Ken said his favorite thing about camp was the food that was served. You'll have an abundance of tropical and locally grown, ripe, raw and organic fruits and vegetables prepared for you.


You can download this 16-minute, mp3 interview and play it on your computer. You'll get the inside scoop of all the amazing things this vacation has to offer.


Details on the Best Raw Food Vacation


If you can't use the controls up above to hear the interview, then you can download it and play it in any mp3 player on your computer. Right click the link below, and select Save As, to download to your computer. Then open up the file in your favorite mp3 player like Windows Media Player, Real Player, WinAmp, etc.

Ken Lyle's Audio Interview about the Best Raw Food Vacation

In this interview you'll learn about the amazingly positive Live Blood Cell Analysis readings Dr. Graham and his wife, Professor Rozalind Gruben received. Plus so much more.


Ken also emailed me some written information about Health and Fitness Week for you to quickly look over.


From: Ken Lyle (Webmaster for Dr. Graham)


Our H&F weeks are the most complete, congruent, functional, lifestyle education available anywhere at any price. You get 14 hours of instruction, exercise and lectures per day. You'll also learn how to succeed at a low-fat, 100% raw food diet from the top raw food experts in the world.


You'll be getting a full course of training on Raw Nutrition and how to exercise and eat for peak athletic performance.


This is truly a NOT TO BE MISSED event. As fellow camper Sammy, said to me yesterday, and he told his friend "If you are considering going, you need to go"...if the calling is there, it has to be honored.


We include two massages and a before and after live blood cell analysis. You'll also get the video of your live blood cell analysis to take home with you. We offer substantial discounts for alums who come to the same event again.


We have several alums coming back, some for the 3rd or 4th year, some for BOTH weeks of Camp.


We have multiple tracks from power walkers on the low end, to me and Doug, et al. on the high end, and there's a middle group for the more single sport guys and gals. This means that anyone, on any fitness level, can attend and enjoy great benefits.


Every class is optional--------This means that this event can be tailored to personal preference, from total relaxation (do the gentle morning workout, eat the meals, go to the lectures, buy extra massages, and lay in the sun all afternoon) to a balls out athletic challenge (go to all the workouts, and all out in the workouts, napping through lectures if you must), and anywhere in between.


Anyone with a pulse and a job who wants to have a physical existence that doesn't center around the words "I Can't" needs to come to our Camp.


Two weeks at Camp, assiduously applied, can undo a year of relative sloth. Sports Camp is my favorite week of the entire year.


Health and Fitness Week Details


Or click on this banner.



Health and Fitness Week - 2005 - Cedar Springs Renewal Center



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