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33 Tips For Cooked Food Addicts!

Today I'm going to share with you three tips from my newly updated, expanded and edited ebook Think and Go Raw: Discover the 33 Techniques and the Mental Mindset You Need to Succeed at Staying 100% Raw.

This ebook shows you all the tips and tricks to make going 100% raw and staying that way, as easy as possible. You'll learn how to harness your dynamic spiritual power to crush cooked food addiction as if it was nothing.

Before I share those tips with you, I want you to consider this.

Most people can't imagine giving up their favorite cooked foods. For many, going on a raw food diet seems like a daunting task. The tradeoff for attaining radiant health, ideal body composition, overcoming depression, superior energy levels, peak mental and physical performance and so much more, doesn't seem worth it.

Doesn't something seem wrong here?

Can you imagine, some people continue to smoke cigarettes, even though they have to smoke through a tube in their throats? The reason they have to smoke through a tube is because of the damage they've caused themselves by smoking.

How many people ruin their lives by being alcoholics and drug addicts? Did you know that in New York City there are AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Meetings every hour, on the hour, 24 hours a day? Not only that, they have these meetings all over the city and all over the country. I wouldn't doubt that 5% or more of the population in the United States are actually alcoholics.

These addicts pay a horrible price in a ruined life and yet they continue to drink the alcohol and take the drugs. I know someone whose life has been largely wasted due to drug and alcohol addiction. The problem is that these people can't even recognize that they aren't going anywhere in life. They only realize it once they face their addictions and become committed to doing something about it.

Addicts sometimes have to go to jail, get divorced, lose their jobs or accidentally kill a family member or some random person with their car before they are willing to even consider giving up their addictions.

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Doesn't this seem crazy?

Guess what, it's not much different with cooked food addicts. The damage may not be as severe and it may not ruin the person's life as much, but trust me, eating a steady diet of cooked food can ruin your life on many levels.

  • How does being 50 to 100 pounds or more overweight affect your self-esteem?

  • How does being depressed and unable to interact with people affect your life and career?

  • How does being out of commission on average a month of every year with colds and flues affect your life and your livelihood?

  • How does not having the energy to play with your kids affect your life?

  • How does the joint damage of arthritis affect your life?

I have a family member who realizes she'd do much better with a raw food diet, but she prefers to be in constant and severe pain every day due to arthritis and have very limited joint mobility. She has to limp around in severe pain and can barely walk anymore. She gets bronchitis every year, has heart problems, is at least 50 pounds overweight and has numerous other health problems.

She thinks this is normal. It actually is normal, but it's not natural.

Most of her health problems would be solved, simply by going on a raw food diet. I'm sure she realizes this. I've presented her with a lot of evidence. And yet she won't do it. She calls herself too weak. She believes she can't do it and therefore she can't.

When I told her I had arthritis in my mid twenties and then it went away when I went raw, she was shocked. I'm almost 40 years old now and have no signs of arthritis. But did she change her diet? Unfortunately no.

This demonstrates how powerful cooked food addiction really is. But there is an easy way to go raw. You can quickly blast through addiction to cooked food if you have the right mental and dietary strategies.

All you need is a powerful desire for the amazing benefits that going raw brings and I can show you the rest. The right ideas can make something that seemed impossible to achieve, easily doable.

Three Tips For Cooked Food Addicts: From Think and Go Raw

1. It’s easier to stay 100% raw than 80% raw. When you make the 100% raw food diet commitment, cooked food is no longer an option. Therefore, you only think about raw food options.

As long as you eat some cooked food on a regular basis, you'll never overcome your addiction to cooked food. Those on the 80% raw plan can still enjoy cooked food, but they haven't made progress towards permanently eliminating the desire to eat cooked food.

It's easy to stay 100% raw after the first month or two. Willpower won't be necessary because each day you are raw, the lower your desire for cooked food will be.

2. Opportunity Cost: Remember to focus on the reasons you decided to go raw. Focus on the benefits of going raw. Get excited. Cravings are 10 times less if you focus on the benefits rather than what you are missing.

Remember the concept of opportunity cost. If you eat cooked food, you miss out on the opportunity for great health, happiness, deeper spirituality and peak performance.

You always have to make a choice in life. You can't have everything. If you want to enjoy the flavor of cooked food, then you are depriving yourself of the delicious taste and the vibrant health producing freshness of raw foods. You also deprive yourself of health, happiness and over 30 life-changing benefits that only the raw food diet can bring.

So don't think you are depriving yourself by going raw, consider instead the fact that you've been depriving yourself of the benefits of going raw your entire life. You've been deprived before, now is your chance to really live and enjoy life.

My life is infinitely better and more enjoyable since going raw. Before I went raw, I was a miserable person; depression was destroying my life. I could barely keep a clerical job and did my best just to survive the day. It wasn't much of a life.

But now my life is just the opposite. I do what I love for a living, I'm healthy and very happy and fulfilled. The price to get this life was to give up cooked food. It was well worth it.

3. The longer you go raw, the easier and more natural part of your lifestyle it becomes. I don't need any willpower to stay on a raw food diet anymore. That was really only within the first week of my going 100% raw. And most of that willpower was only because I didn't know many of the techniques and concepts that I'm sharing with you in this ebook.

After the first week or so, I would only have sporadic occasions where I desired cooked food. Over time, the desire for cooked food diminishes immensely. But you must stay 100% raw or you will get drawn back to eating cooked food.

Each time you eat cooked food you strengthen your cooked food addiction. Each time you eat raw food, you weaken the addiction to cooked food. Long time raw foodists don't struggle to stay raw.

After a while, being raw is a normal and automatic part of your life. No willpower is necessary.

Certainly if we had to use willpower every single day just to stay raw, then it wouldn't be possible. Our desires eventually win out over willpower, every single time.

Therefore, to defeat the desire for cooked food, simply stay 100% raw long enough. This is usually 30 to 60 days. And it's assuming you're doing the raw food diet in a sustainable and healthy manner. Lots of people fail at the raw food diet not becuase they can't motivate themselves to do it, but because they don't know how to do it correctly.

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from these tips. If you thought it was too hard to go raw, then think again. Take a look below at what the updated for 2007 version of Think and Go Raw can do for you.

Think and Go Raw: 33 Psychological and Dietary Tips for Going Raw!

Use this hidden mental control switch and cooked food addiction will be a thing of the past.
(Tip # 3)

Do this two minutes a day and watch how easy it is, to stay raw. This works for any diet or goal you're trying to achieve.
(Tip # 4)

The secret "mindset" you must have to crush cooked food cravings and stay 100% raw without willpower.
(Tip # 33)

Use this card as your secret weapon you crave cooked food.
(Tip # 5)

How I reduced my voracious desire for Thai food by 90% in just 20 seconds. I re-discovered this motivational principle in the first week of going 100% raw. After I started using this idea, staying 100% raw got much easier.
(Tip # 6)

Say this four-word phrase daily and eating cooked food will seem like a punishment instead of a reward.
(Tip # 7)

Discover an "incredibly obvious" but almost unknown way to stop cooked food cravings. Nine out of ten new raw foodists never figure this out on their own.
(Tip # 9)

The surprising thing that happens to the taste of cooked food when you employ this technique.
(Tip # 13)

The one thing you absolutely can't do if you want to succeed at staying raw. New raw foodists make this mistake over and over again. Save yourself the frustration and years of wasted time. Trust me on this one.
(Tip # 15)

How the saying, "Misery loves company," applies to overcoming the physical aspect of cooked food addiction.
(Tip # 16)

Going raw is easy when you see the world from this perspective.
(Tip # 17)

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