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Roger Haeske
Radiant Health Coach

Reasons why should you eat a 100% Raw Food Diet, how to motivate yourself to go raw and stick with it long term:

1. Eating 100% raw gives you far better health results than even 90% raw.

2. It's easier to stay 100% raw than 80% raw. You don't give yourself a choice as far as cooked food and therefore you only think about raw food options. Plus you can't give up an addiction partially.

3. Use the prime human motivational factors: The desire to gain Pleasure and to avoid Pain

4. Create a list of all the benefits you believe you will receive by staying 100% raw. has a free list of over 40 powerful benefits of eating a raw food diet. Read that list every morning for 30 days and it will get you excited at the prospects of going raw.

5. Realize all the toxins that are in cooked food. Cooked food is poison.

6. Visualize all the sickness and disease you will experience if you continue to eat cooked food. You are only going to get worse. Get emotionally involved

7. If you crave cooked food just eat more raw food until you are full. Cravings will go away.

8. Remember to focus on the reasons you decided to go raw. Focus on the benefits of going raw. Get excited. Cravings are 10 times less if you focus on the benefits rather than what you are missing. Remember 'opportunity cost,' if you eat cooked food you miss out on great health, happiness, deeper spirituality and peak performance. You always have to make a choice in life.

9. Never focus on what you are missing out on. Don't think about all the Pizza you can't eat anymore. Instead realize that you can eat delicious fruits and vegetables and that you can even eat raw pizza. There are delicious raw substitutes for just about any food you can think of. Members of the have access to a long list of raw food replacements for cooked food.

10. Raw foods not only taste good but they make you feel good after eating them. With cooked food you only get good taste, but once it gets past your throat, you'll end up regretting what you ate.

11. Cooked food doesn't taste that good after you have been eating only raw food for a long time. The first thing you'll realize is that it is lifeless in your mouth.

12. The longer you go raw the easier and more natural part of your lifestyle it becomes. It doesn't take me willpower to eat raw anymore. That was really only within the first month. After that I would only have sporadic occasions where I desired cooked food. Over time that diminishes. But you must stay 100% raw or you will get drawn back to eating cooked food.

13. You can't allow yourself a few cooked meals per week. The addictive nature of cooked food will have you in its trap and you'll soon realize that you are eating close to 50% cooked food instead of your desired (say 90% raw food diet). You can never fully detoxify if you are still regularly allowing cooked food in your diet.

14. Cooked food is an addiction like smoking, alcohol and drugs. It works like a drug in your body.

15. Make friends with raw foodists. Go to raw potlucks. Get a raw food mentor.

16. Get coaching and support from experienced raw food coaches. Visit for more info on my Raw Coaching Services.

17. Go to talks and seminars by raw food leaders. What you did today will take you a long way to being successful at the raw lifestyle.

18. Learn to make one new raw recipe per week.

19. Make sure you are eating enough calories from fruit. Most people when first going raw under eat because the extra water, fiber and nutrients in raw foods makes them feel full before they consumed enough calories. Many people fail on the raw diet for this very reason. You might feel you ate enough but are wondering why you are always hungry. The simple answer is that compared to eating cooked foods you are eating much less calorie wise than you used to eat. Raw food has so much more bulk and is generally less in calories so that you have to learn to stretch your stomach a little to get enough calories to be satiated.

20. Be a leader. You can't worry about the opinion of others if you want to be in charge of your health. A great and liberating book for raw foodists and all people to read is "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World," by Harry Browne. I highly recommend it.

Get my 6-step report on how to transition to an Optimal 100% Raw Food Diet. Go to for this and much more.


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